Adult Acne 101: What You Didnít Learn in Seventeen

Adult Acne 101: What You Didnít Learn in SeventeenAdult acne takes many women by surprise. Just when acne seems about to become a distant teen memory, it resurfaces when women are in their twenties and thirties. Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and the University of Alabama report that it affects about 50% of women ages 20-29. It can stay through the fifties if the right skin care steps arenít taken! Here are some helpful facts about acne that you probably didnít learn years ago in Seventeen.


Fact 1: Thick, grainy scrubs are unfriendly to your face. Some people make the mistake of scrubbing the face too hard to exfoliate and clear away oil. Vigorous scrubbing is ironically counterproductive because it causes inflammation. Instead, use a very fine-grain scrub or:


  • Use skincare products that include alpha-hydroxy acids. Alpha-hydroxy acids promote faster cell turnover. This means that pores donít have as much time to get clogged. And hereís a nice side effect: Alpha-hydroxy acids help to reduce the appearance of fine lines. 

  • Use a salicylic acid cleanser. This will dissolve oil without causing inflammation. Salicylic acid cleansers are especially popular with teens who have oily or combination skin. Because of the drying effect though, theyíre not the best option for adults who are concerned about developing wrinkles. If you use salicylic acid all over your face, be sure to slather on the moisturizer.

Fact 2: Gadgets work. Thereís a somewhat new tool available in the skin care aisle: the electronic pimple zapper. This acne treatment works by heating a blemish to make it move through its regular life cycle more quickly. It may also include sulfur or benzoyl peroxide to destroy bacteria. The quality of these devices varies, so check out product reviews from sites like before purchasing.


Adult Acne 101: What You Didnít Learn in SeventeenFact 3: Your insides are showing! In general, treating your internal organs well brings clearer skin. Your liver affects your skin. Your kidneys affect your skin. The less junk your body needs to process, the better it functions. You canít expect to pour pints of beer into your liver and look great on the outside Ė at least, not anymore! Remember that fitness includes your insides too.


Fact 4: Herbs arenít just for New Agers. Herbs can truly improve your skinís clarity. However, some companies sell dubious anti-acne herbal blends at ripoff prices. Which herbs are truly effective? According to data reviewed at LiveSTRONG, ginseng, gotu kola and chamomile are anti-agers that can help keep your skin clear.

Fact 5: Chocolate is not necessarily evil. Why is chocolate associated with acne? For one thing, some women eat more chocolate around PMS time, which is when acne tends to flare up. But dark chocolate wonít trigger acne. Remember this when choosing chocolate:

  •  Milk chocolate is associated with acne. Thatís because milk can trigger outbreaks.

  • Chocolate with additives might cause problems for some people. Thereís no reason you should ingest Red #40 and its fake friends along with pure chocolateís healthy components.

Fact 5: A dermatologist can help you. Some women never see a dermatologist because they think that their problems arenít quite right.

  • My problem is too small. If youíre reading this, then youíre probably bothered by acne at least once a month. That constitutes a chronic, nagging problem in your life. What if a visit to the doctor could change that?

  •  My problem is too big. If you have serious acne, a doctor can help. Oral contraceptives, topical retinoids and other options Ė lasers included -- are available.

A word of caution: Please donít trust a doctor who is gung-ho about prescription acne drugs with very scary side effects. Drugs should be a last resort for people with very serious acne. Our goal is to help you stay fit on the inside and out!


Dated 27 August 2012


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