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Adding "Tastants" to Food May Promote Weight Loss

Boosting the flavor of your food with calorie-free seasonings and sweeteners may help you feel fuller faster and decrease the amount you eat, according to a U.S. study that suggests this may be a new way to help people lose weight.


Identifying High fat foods
The body cannot produce fat on its own, it must be provided through dietary intake. For these reasons you should enjoy some fats in your diet, especially monounsaturated fats like olive oil. The key is moderation--not elimination.


Food Craving During Pregnancy

Many women have experienced food cravings during the course of their pregnancy. Many of these cravings consist of chocolate, ice cream, meat, cheese and salty snack food. Most doctors believe that cravings can be nutritionally based. It could be a message from your body on what it needs to eat.


Tips to survive a Healthy Thanksgiving Feast 

Thanksgiving meals are traditionally family events where certain kinds of food are served. First and foremost, turkey is the featured item in most Thanksgiving feasts. Stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, corn, turnips, rolls, pecan pie, and pumpkin pie are commonly associated with Thanksgiving dinner.


Opting for Slimline Shopping

Bad planning can be the downfall of many diets, so make sure your fridge and store cupboards are stocked with a variety of healthy ingredients so that you’ll always have the makings of a good nutritious meal or snack. Foods can be divided into five main groups – you need to eat some food from each of the groups each day – but the key to a healthy diet is getting the balance right.


Easy Ways to Trim down the fat
Fat provides twice as many calories as protein or carbohydrates. The most effective way of cutting the calories in your diet is therefore simple. It is to use low-fat ingredients, such as white fish and chicken, and low-fat alternatives wherever possible, such as reduced-fat cheese and skimmed milk.


Food craving: understanding body signals

Food cravings mean that the body has its signals mixed up. When we are exhausted or blue, we have low blood sugar and/or low serotonin, and the body signals the brain that it needs a pick-me-up. This signal causes a sugar craving or carbohydrate craving.


The Ultimate Guide to Calories
When it comes to losing weight, many people find counting calories a useful organisational exercise. But how many people understand what a calorie is? Or how many calories are in the most popular takeaway foods in the UK and the US.


Very Low Calorie Diet for obesity
A liquid based diet that is restrictive in energy with an intake of about 800 calories or less per day is considered a very low calorie diet. These diets are an alternative method that moderately to severely obese people may consider for significant, short-term weight loss. Such a diet are recommended  for a relatively short term (3-6 months) and are to be followed only under medical supervision.

Calorie Density: key to losing weight

A year-long clinical trial by Penn State researchers shows that diets focusing on foods that are low in calorie density can promote healthy weight loss while helping people to control hunger.


Dealing with weight loss issues in 2011
An obesity epidemic is sweeping across the Westernized world. More than ever, there is an acknowledgement that the regulation of body weight regulation is more complicated than ever imagined. The last decade has seen rapid progress in our understanding of how body weight is regulated; multiple organs are involved adding to the complexity.


Restaurant Food trends for 2011

Nearly two-thirds of diners say they want to eat healthier in 2011, but many complain that healthier food doesn't taste as good without the added sugar, sodium and fat. Restaurants will continue to address this problem by swapping in healthier ingredients and positioning them to appear better-for-you.


Planning a vegetarian thanksgiving feast
Traditionally, Thanksgiving dinner includes foods like turkey, ham, and meatballs. However, Thanksgiving is not actually about the specific meal. It is the tradition for get together of the family and relatives. So, planning for vegetarian Thanksgiving is a good idea to make everyone happy.


Eating late and fast: contributing factors in obesity

Late-night snackers and fast- eaters are more likely to gain weight. For those people who work night time hours or who wake in the middle of the night to enjoy a midnight snack, this means that you are more likely to become overweight or obese based on your habits alone.


Canned Foods: Checking out health hazards
Canned food has taken over our lives and our cabinets providing a simple way to get lunch or dinner on the table quickly. Canned goods comes from various food products from soups to meat loaf and corned beef. We all love to enjoy canned goods because of it is very convenient and easy to prepare. But did you know that there is a reported dangers about canned goods for your health?

Soups: healthy and filling

There is no doubt that, the first dish of a meal is the most important one. Even today, with all the debates going on about right and wrong food, nobody doubts the good effects of soups in our body.


Protein Powder: how far are they safe?

High protein shakes are instantly becoming identified among the athletes as well as individuals who hope to eat up healthy as well lose weight. They are easy to prepare, tasty and healthy. All these powders do is provide your muscles with protein to rebuild and they are in no way superior to a well balanced meal!


Fasting: how far can it help you lose Weight

Fasting is simply the restriction of our usual eating. Whether a fruit fast or a water fast or a fast from meat, or beef or sweets, fasting is a restriction of our food, a diet.


Restoring a healthy appetite

We all loose interest in food from time to time - and this isn't always for negative reasons. It's well known that falling in love can make all else pale into insignificance, including food. But you've been eating poorly, whatever the reason, it's important to restore your appetite to good health.

Outcome of YO-YO Dieting
The yo-yo diet is characterized by a cyclical pattern of repetitious loss and gain of body weight. Some of the ways people choose to do this include skipping meals and consuming very few calories. There is increasing evidence that weight cycling may lead to cardiovascular and metabolic disorders such as hypertension and diabetes.

Boosting Weight Loss By Limiting Fructose

One of the reasons people on low-carbohydrate diets may lose weight is that they reduce their intake of fructose, a type of sugar that can be made into body fat quickly, according to a researcher at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Choosing the right Diet for Weight Loss

Obesity is an ever-increasing problem in affluent countries. But if you plan to lose weight and stay slim, there is only one answer. You need to find a healthy way of eating that becomes part of your life for ever, not just as a temporary diet.


Learning how to eat healthy, again.

Foods we eat, low carb, low fat, vegan, macrobiotic, raw, whole foods, have a direct bearing on how we feel: our energy, mood, appearance, and body image are all influenced by our dietary choices.


Understanding Trans fatty acids

Trans fats are artificial fats made when hydrogen gas reacts with oil-by a process called hydrogenation. Hydrogenation increases the shelf life and flavor stability of foods containing these fats. Trans fat can be found in vegetable shortenings, some margarines, crackers, cookies, snack foods, and other foods made with or fried in partially hydrogenated oils.


Strike for healthy nutritional goals
It is always better to eat a more alkaline diet because high acid levels can upset the healthy functioning of the body. Read on....


How to gain weight?
To gain weight and bulk up, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes, and work as hard as necessary and you have to be consistent. Your body will responds to consistency. Read on....


First Federal Obesity Clinical Guidelines Released
The guidelines are based on the most extensive review of the scientific evidence on overweight and obesity conducted to date.

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