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Adding "Tastants" to Food May Promote Weight Loss

Boosting the flavor of your food with calorie-free seasonings and sweeteners may help you feel fuller faster and decrease the amount you eat, according to a U.S. study that suggests this may be a new way to help people lose weight.


Drugs for weightloss - How effective?

Weight-loss drugs may sound like a dieter's dream. But they aren't a good choice for everyone who's overweight. In fact, many doctors reserve them for people with weight-related health problems. It's best to lose weight through a healthy diet and regular exercise. But if you're among those who struggle to lose weight and the excess weight has produced medical problems, weight-loss drugs may be able to help you.


Meal Timing: a Contributing Factor in Obesity Epidemic.
A Northwestern University study has found that eating at irregular times -- the equivalent of the middle of the night for humans, when the body wants to sleep -- influences weight gain. The regulation of energy by the body's circadian rhythms may play a significant role.


Walking Vs. Running: Which is Better?
Walking as well as running are excellent aerobic exercises. Both have similar health benefits - weight loss and management, improved sleep pattern, elevated mood, energy boost, decrease in blood pressure and cholesterol levels and decreased risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.


Energy Gap : A Useful Tool For Successful Weight Loss
The term energy gap is used to estimate the change in energy balance (intake and expenditure) behaviors required to achieve and sustain reduced body weight outcomes in individuals and population at large.


Werewolf Diet: The new weight loss rage

Werewolf Diet doesn’t actually involve having the bloodlust of werewolves. But it is based on the cycles of the moon, and it’s the latest eating craze among some celebrities.


Duodenal switch: A Weightloss Option

The duodenal switch (DS) procedure, also known as biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD-DS) or gastric reduction duodenal switch (GRDS), is a weight loss surgery procedure that is composed of a restrictive and a malabsorptive aspect. The restrictive portion of the surgery involves removing approximately 70% of the stomach along the greater curvature.


Frozen Foods: How Healthy are They?

Frozen  foods or pre-cooked frozen meals are essentially foods of convenience since they essentially require no preparation time other than the heating and consuming. Frozen fruit and vegetables can be healthier, with higher levels of vitamins and cancer fighting antioxidants, than leafy ‘fresh’ produce. Some frozen meals may require the preparer to ensure adequate heating and uniform consistency of component items.


Freekeh: A Nutrition Powerhouse for Weight loss

Freekeh is a cereal food made from green wheat that goes through a roasting process in its production. The incredibly high fiber content of freekeh has been credited with weightloss (since fiber fills you up and keeps you feeling full), and, if you're not eating a healthy well balanced diet already, you could probably use more fiber in your diet.


Top Vegetarian Super Foods for Weight Loss

Super food is a marketing term used to describe foods with supposed health benefits. Blueberries, often called a Super food. The term is not in common use by dietitians and nutrition scientists, many of whom dispute that particular foodstuffs have the health benefits often claimed by advocates of particular Super foods.


DASH Diet: Tops as the Best Diet of 2013

By scoring 4.1 points out of 5, the DASH diet won the first place among the list of Best diets of 2013, published by the U.S. News and World Reports. U.S. News evaluated and ranked 29 diets with input from a panel of health experts.


Target Weight Maintenance this Holiday Season

Holiday and Celebrations tend to become a big challenge for those looking for healthy weight loss. Coping with the surrounding temptations can be tough to handle. Why not shift your focus from weight loss to maintenance, this winter.


Why Can't I Keep the Weight Off ?

Losing weight is hard, but keeping it off can be even harder. According to an Australian researcher, a symphony of hormonal changes sends the body relentless signals to slow metabolism and increase the urge to eat, for at least a year after weight loss. Dieters are left to fight their own biology.


Failing at Weight Watchers - What Did I Do Wrong?

It happens to everyone. You find great coupons and discounts, start the diet and everything is going great. You're tracking your points online and visiting your coach once a week. For the first few months you’re losing weight and then something changes. The weight stops coming off, you become discouraged and you start falling back on old habits.


Thigh Gap: Dangerous Weight Loss Trend

A thigh gap is a space between your inner thighs when you stand with your feet together. Although many women consider an inner-thigh gap an attractive and coveted feature, serious health problems can arise if you try to achieve a thigh gap by not eating or by over-exercising. If you do choose to use some strategies mentioned in this tutorial, remember to do them responsibly and carefully. Your health is your strongest asset.


Food Diary: a Successful Weight-loss Tool

According to Time magazine, a multi-centre study in the USA found that, compared to other methods of weight loss, keeping a food diary helped slimmers to lose an average of 8kg in a 6-month period, whereas dieters who didn't keep diaries only lost 4kg.


Almonds: a Smart Snack Choice

Snacking is a universal behaviour around the world leaving more and more women to decide, what to eat during a craving attack.


Group Weight Loss Program: How to Choose One?

A new study shows that people who took part in community-based weight loss programs lost more weight than those who were trying to shed pounds on their own.


"Good" Bacteria Significant in Weight Management

In recent decades the traditional three meals at home pattern has been replaced by snacking, junk foods and takeaways, contributing towards weight gain. This has been compounded by a decline in physical activity with expanding car ownership and new forms of home-based entertainment.


Weight-loss Apps: Analyzing their Vulnerability

In a market flooded with applications (apps) to help women keep a track of their health status- diet,  exercise and fitness level. It is important to take note that the right fitness app can give you the boost you need to get through your workouts, but the wrong one can leave you frustrated.


Weight Stigma: a Major Trigger Factor in Eating Disorder

Eating disorders have the highest rate of mortality of all mental illnesses. They are complex disorders triggered by environmental factors, and studies have shown that weight stigma is one of the major triggers.


Opting for Slimline Shopping

Bad planning can be the downfall of many diets, so make sure your fridge and store cupboards are stocked with a variety of healthy ingredients so that you'll always have the makings of a good nutritious meal or snack.


Sagging Skin: a result of rapid weight loss

Sagging skin is caused by losing too much weight too quickly. Slow, gradual weight loss does not result in excess flab, but rather, gives your skin and other body parts a chance to respond to all the changes that weight loss brings.


High Intensity Interval training: a Stepping Stone for Fat Loss
Women can work at a higher percentage of their maximum heart rate than the men and a higher percentage of their maximum oxygen consumption.


Easy Ways to Trim down the fat
Fat provides twice as many calories as protein or carbohydrates. The most effective way of cutting the calories in your diet is therefore simple. It is to use low-fat ingredients, such as white fish and chicken, and low-fat alternatives wherever possible, such as reduced-fat cheese and skimmed milk.


Understanding the weight reduction potential of yoga

Putting on weight,  is mainly due to result of  heredity or a change in our lifestyle that is conducive to storing energy (calories) in the form of fat tissue or heredity. These changes can include moving from an active lifestyle to a more sedentary one, changes in diet, increased consumption of fats, sugars and other foodstuffs that contain ‘empty calories'.


Lifesaver on Weight loss hurdles

We all have days like this when our motivation is low and our need to overeat or be a couch potato takes over. But it's best to bust those excuses before they become a well worn mantra of failure. Cultivating true resilience is a lifelong process.


Food craving: understanding body signals

Food cravings mean that the body has its signals mixed up. When we are exhausted or blue, we have low blood sugar and/or low serotonin, and the body signals the brain that it needs a pick-me-up. This signal causes a sugar craving or carbohydrate craving.


The Tongue Patch: Painful Solution for Lazy Dieters
With everyday burst of weight loss solutions, the new in the list is a tongue patch. According to  cosmetic surgeon Dr. Nicolas Chugay" a small prolene mesh is placed on the tongue and then sutures with several stitches. Once the tongue patch is in place the patient will not like to eat solid food."


Diet Slimming Perfume: The Latest in Weight Loss
According to Vee Koppelman, founder of beauty supplies site VZ Hair, “Diet Slimming Perfume is a fantastic new product for dieters and those keen to lose a few pounds before baring all on the beach or at a summer wedding.”


Very Low Calorie Diet for obesity
A liquid based diet that is restrictive in energy with an intake of about 800 calories or less per day is considered a very low calorie diet. These diets are an alternative method that moderately to severely obese people may consider for significant, short-term weight loss. Such a diet are recommended  for a relatively short term (3-6 months) and are to be followed only under medical supervision.


Five Low Calorie Fruity Salsas

Salsas can go a long way to add nutrients and variety to your daily boring meals. As the name suggests Salsa in Spanish stands for "sauce" -- a catchall term for the zingy, chili-spiced mixtures that add pizzazz to a range of dishes. This week we show you how to make four simple and distinctive styles of salsa.


Stars Slimming Party Secrets: Mother's Day Special

All of us seem to be fascinated by the star appearances and would love to share their shoes. What attracts us to them is their sheer appearance-face and physique. Leaving us with a million $ question,  how do they appear a perfect 100.


Top 8 Fastest Ways to Burn 800 Calories

Your body needs calories to do everything it does; breathing, organ function, everything. It needs more calories the more active you are. This is why exercise is key to weight loss; while consuming fewer calories will help you balance your energy intake with your energy consumed, exercise will help your body burn more calories than it takes in---this will help you to burn fat and lose weight.


Stress: a factor in abdominal weight gain

Stress can affect virtually any part of the body and produce physical, mental and emotional symptoms including allergies, dizziness, headache, heart palpitations, environmental sensitivity, impaired coordination, impaired immunity and weight gain.

Common Myths About Cellulite

The term cellulite comes from the word cell. It is a spelling of cellulitis, which means inflammation of the cells. Cellulitis is a serious medical condition caused by a bacterial infection in the subcutaneous layers of the skin. It is the dimpled appearance on the surface of the skin that is often described as "cottage cheese" or an "orange peel", and is most common among women, especially on the thighs and buttocks.


Whey Protein: a Nutritional Breakthrough for Weight loss
Research continue to indicate that the milk-derived compound known as whey may be a valuable weight-loss aid. 


Tabata Training: 4 Minute Fat Burning Workout
For leaner Legs, slimmer midsection and a healthier physique. Tabata was founded in Japan by Izumi Tabata. He had conducted tests on two groups of athletes; comparing moderate high intensity training with high intensity interval training. 


What to Eat at Dinner ... and Avoid Weight Gain
Body weight is largely regulated by what goes into the stomach and more by the time when it is rendered to the body. No matter whether your goal is weight loss or management, you need to carefully watch your meals.


Emotional Attitude: a factor in Weight loss
It's not that people don't know that exercise is good for them and can improve their self-image. Obese and overweight people, in fact, are even stronger believers in the importance of exercise than those of normal weight, according to a survey of more than 1,500 men and women conducted by researchers at George Washington University Medical Center.


Green coffee beans New weight loss drug: A study

“Green Coffee” is simply unroasted seeds—aka beans—from Coffea, the plant that gives us so many of our morning brews. Coffee contains hundreds of compounds, many of which may have healthful benefits. Green coffee bean extract has gained quite a bit of buzz recently as a weight-loss supplement. Many websites sell green coffee pills, and a major coffee company has even started selling a beverage spiked with the extract.


Freestyler Women's Fitness

The Freestyler cross trainer provides full 3D functional training and core training with super effective balanced workouts that combine cardio, strength and balance exercises.


Raspberry Ketones a Slimming Option or a Farce

Raspberry ketones are fragrant compounds that occur naturally in raspberries and a number of other fruits. They're normally used to give a fruity smell to cosmetics and foodstuffs but, because you only get between one and four milligrams from every kilo of fresh fruit, a synthetic version is often used to get the same result.


Big breakfast diet aids Weight loss

New research from Venezuela and Virginia Commonwealth University shows eating a big breakfast filled with carbohydrates and protein then eating a low-carb, low-calorie diet the rest of the day can help you lose weight and keep it off. Researchers compared their new diet with a strict low-carb diet in 94 obese women who were not physically active.


Menopause and weight gain
Menopause is a medical term used to describe the time one year AFTER you stop having periods, which occurs around age 51. But the ten or more years before your ovaries go “two claws up” can put you on a hormonal roller-coaster ride every month.  


Rise Against Stress: A Health Call By Women Fitness for 2013

With the changing nature of work pattern and lifestyle, stress among women is going to be a major health concern in 2013. Women Fitness health team aims to help women fight those innumerable health issues at the grass root level by learning ways to overcome stress and better manage their lives in 2013.



What to look for in a Fitness App

The right fitness app can give you the boost you need to get through your workouts, but the wrong one can leave you frustrated. I've done a little research and put together a list of my favorite exercise and fitness apps covering everything from strength training and yoga to weight loss and running.


Tummy Flatteners

The hundreds of exercises and complicated pieces of equipment that claim to ‘iron out’ your stomach can get confusing-as can doing millions of exercises and not seeing any results. Read on to find out to find out the tummy-flatteners that really work.


Treadmill: For Losing Weight and Burning Calories

The American Medical Association, has ranked a treadmill as the Number. 1 cardiovascular machine for losing weight and burning calories. Treadmills have been used by almost everyone wanting to lose weight since its launch in the earlier part of the 19th century. So much so that they have become synonymous with ‘weight loss’. However, spending long hours on the machine is not always the best option. Used in combination with weights may be the quickest and best way to lose weight.


Jump Rope Workout

Jumping rope is a great cardiovascular exercise. It's one of the foundations of a boxer's conditioning program, and you've got to be in shape to box. The tennis champ Jimmy Connors used to skip rope as part of his conditioning routine.


Probiotics: Can They Assist in Weight Loss?

Beyond the other innumerable health benefits offered by fermented foods, studies are showing that probiotics can actually help you lose weight. A study done at Stanford University has shown that the amount of good bacteria is higher in those who maintain a healthy weight and it's lower in those who are overweight.

Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) vs. Calories Burned

Current research of weight training and EPOC has noted a relationship between exercise intensity and elevated metabolic rate. As weight lifting intensity increases, the EPOC duration also increases.


Yoga to Manage Hypothyroidism and Prevent Weight Gain

About half of the estimated 27 million Americans with thyroid disease remain undiagnosed, according to the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. Hypothyroidism refers to the lack of thyroid hormones in the blood.


Calorie Density: key to losing weight

A year-long clinical trial by Penn State researchers shows that diets focusing on foods that are low in calorie density can promote healthy weight loss while helping people to control hunger.


Meal Replacement Shakes: How Practical are They?

Meal replacements for weight loss are a  rage at the moment and seem to be growing in popularity, particularly weight loss shakes and high protein snack bars.   


Artificial Sweeteners: Can They Stop Tipping Your Scale

In a joint statement this month, the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association said that foods with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, saccharin, sucralose and plant-derived stevia have the potential to help people reach healthy body weight as long as the substitution doesn't lead to the compensation trap.   



The Low-Glycemic Index Diet: Preferred Choice for Weight Loss

A new study challenges the notion that a “calorie is just a calorie” by finding that diets reducing the surge in blood sugar after a meal are preferable for weight loss, praising the low-glycemic index diet. In order to keep energy expenditure at a high rate, the study researchers suggest a low-glycemic load diet as a more effective way to burn calories at a higher rate after weight loss.  


Seaweed: Weightoss Help From the Ocean

A seaweed-based fiber supplement, taken daily before meals, helped people lose weight in a new study funded by a Danish Company. The supplement is based on the seaweed extract alginate, a thickening agent and a common ingredient in foods like soups and jellies.


Sprinting: a great tool in fat loss

Sprinting not only burns HUGE amounts of calories, it also keeps your metabolism flying for days after. Sprinting combined with running / jogging can bring amazing results, especially when combined with a healthy diet!


Dumping Syndrome: A Rare Disorder
Dumping syndrome is a relatively rare disorder in which the stomach's contents are delivered too quickly to the small intestine. Read on....


Treadmill Workouts Guide: How to Use the Weight Loss Pre set Exercises  

Across the globe, more and more people are buying treadmills to lose weight. You purchase the treadmill, it is brought to your home, you take it inside, assemble it and... what next? Is it enough to jump on the treadmill and start running your brains out while counting down the calories, as shown on the display? No. You need a guide, and this is where this article will help. This is a complete guide to help you use the weight loss preset exercises on your treadmill effectively. 


Its Time for Healthy Grocery Shopping  

A heart healthy nutrition starts with smart choices made in the grocery store. Cooking up healthy meals is no doubt a challenge in today's on your toes movement hardly  leaving women with time to breathe. 


Tummy Tuck 

The abdomen or tummy comes in many different sizes and shapes. Time, gravity, and pregnancies take their toll on the abdominal region. The tummy tuck is a major surgical procedure designed to remove excess skin and fat in the lower portion of the abdomen as well as to tighten up the muscles. Tummy tuck surgery can restore a more youthful appearance to the abdomen.

Avoid Dieting: Target Faster Metabolism 

Repeated cycles of dieting can make you fatter than before. That's because when you lose the weight, it often comes from water and muscles. But when you gain it back, it returns in the form of fat.


Crank Up the Intensity & Watch the Fat Melt 

Aren't you bored out exercising for a quarter, six days a week? Getting up early & sweating out on the machine can get boring after sometime, especially if the results pour in slowly. Very few women know that the typical low-intensity long-duration cardio isn’t the best or most efficient way to burn body fat, boost your metabolism and get ripped six pack abs.


Herbs That Help Shed Pounds 

There are herbs you can add to your diet as supplements, teas, and foods that will help your weight loss program go smoothly. Besides, there are several herbs which contain sympathomimetics and xanthine compounds synergistically increase the body's basal metabolic rate to increase the burning of calories and fat, act as mild stimulants, and suppress the appetite. Read on....


Say 'No' to Diet Foods For a Lasting Weightloss 

A wealth of new scientific evidence shines a critical light on the importance of natural foods and nutritional compounds in the fight against overweight, obesity and weight maintenance.


Going Yoga way to fight Obesity 

The best asanas for obesity are the Pawanamuktasana series for the digestive system which help to remove extra fat from the abdomen, hips and thighs, and activate the energy in the lower pranic centers.

BMI vs. BAI: the Hunt for a Better Tool

The increasing whim among women all over the world toward personal health and fitness does not seem asynchronous with the urgency of the hour. The hundred dollar question that still needs to be answered is why healthy lifestyle needs to become a priority. The battery of health and fitness tools, BMI, body fat%, BMR, WTH (Waist-to-Hip) ratio, have a new member added to the list, BAI (Body Adiposity Index). Whichever tool you decide upon one thing that will not change is, you health status until you make a committed effort.


Gastric Banding: not a permanent solution for "obesity"

Gastric band surgery involves fitting a band near the top of the stomach, restricting the amount of food that can move down into the lower part. The top part of the stomach fills up quickly, making the patient feel full. According to Susan Ringwood, chief executive of eating disorder charity Beat: ‘Having a gastric band fitted is a very serious operation that has long-term, permanent consequences, yet we know young people are not always being given this information and that is very concerning.’


Loving Yourself: a Key Element in Fitness Formula

According to a new European study, which was a collaboration between researchers from Portugal and Wales, it was discovered that overweight and obese women aged between 25 and 50 overcame emotional (comfort) eating habits and lost more weight when they were helped to love and accept themselves. More than 200 women, who had no other health concerns and were free of medication, participated in the study.


The Slim Capsule: a Space-age Diet Solution

The Slim Capsule is a dry heat sauna bed where your head stays out in the cool air with a fan blowing on it. The bed is contoured like your body and vibrates to give you a massage. Cellulite creams are put on the body and you can either wear a plastic type sweat suit or one that's made of a more transparent cloth.


100 point strategy to halt weight gain
Weight loss doesn't depend on whether calories come from carbohydrates, protein or fat. To lose a pound, you must create a 3,500-calorie deficit by consuming fewer calories, burning more calories through physical activity, or a combination of both. Read on....

Relationship with food: a rolling factor in weight loss

We all have relationships: with our parents, children, partners, and co-workers. We have also seen that, for better or worse, we have a relationship with our food. To have a healthy relationship with food means that one is able to eat for the reasons of physiological rather than emotional hunger and to stop eating at a point when the body and mind are truly satisfied. In order to have a healthy relationship with food, one must first have permission to eat.

Uncovering The hCG diet

In a 2010 press release, the American Society of Bariatric Physicians indicate that it is "...officially not recommending..." hCG injections for weight loss, once again pointing to numerous studies that fail to demonstrate efficacy.


Burning extra 100 calories

The upward trend in the number of overweight women is caused, on average, by an imbalance of only 100 extra calories per day. Eliminating this 100-calorie imbalance by eating a bit less and getting a bit more physical activity each day may hold the line on weight gain for many women. This can be accomplished in an almost unlimited number of ways.

Shedding body fat with minimum muscle loss: a better goal  

Losing weight can actually be a bad thing, especially if you are doing it at the expense of lean tissue like muscle. If all you are using to gauge your fitness progress is scale weight alone, you are only getting half-the-picture.


Beta-blockers: dampening the body's ability to burn fat

Beta blockers (sometimes written as β-blocker) is a class of drugs that ease the heart's pumping action and widen the blood vessels. This therapy is used to lower a person's blood pressure and heart rate and to treat angina.


20 Minutes to a better body

In this busy world of hush and rush, women find less time to their health. But note small changes in your lifestyle could add on to give you a better disease free, fit and healthy body. We often hear people complaining lack of time and motivation to exercise or that they are too busy to workout.



Tricks to lose those last 5 lbs

Before starting off ask yourself do you really need to tackle those last 5 pounds, or is your health, fitness, self-esteem, and quality of life already improved? Remember, "fantasy weight" -- is overrated because it can be very difficult both to get there, and to maintain.



Dealing with weight loss issues in 2011
An obesity epidemic is sweeping across the Westernized world. More than ever, there is an acknowledgement that the regulation of body weight regulation is more complicated than ever imagined. The last decade has seen rapid progress in our understanding of how body weight is regulated; multiple organs are involved adding to the complexity.



Gastric Imbrications: the latest weight loss surgical option

A new gastric sleeve plication or gastric imbrications weight loss surgery - a reversible procedure that is differentiated from existing bariatric procedures in that it does not require device implantation nor the removal of stomach tissue.


Waist Size: a predictor of your health status

Storing excess fat around the waist poses a significant health risk, even in people not considered to be overweight or obese. The doctors should measure a patient's waistline and their hips as well as their body mass index as part of standard health checks.



Eating late and fast: contributing factors in obesity

Late-night snackers and fast- eaters are more likely to gain weight. For those people who work night time hours or who wake in the middle of the night to enjoy a midnight snack, this means that you are more likely to become overweight or obese based on your habits alone.



Wave goodbye to flabby arms

Still got wobbly arms despite the fact that you've done as many bicep curls and tricep dips as you can muster? The problem of flabby arms is more common in women who have lost a lot of weight. If you were over weight, the skin of your arm has to stretch to accommodate the increased volume of your upper arm. After weight loss, the skin usually fails to tighten and sags.



Fighting Genetic Predisposition to Obesity
Obesity tends to run in families, suggesting that it may have a genetic cause. However, family members share not only genes but also diet and lifestyle habits that may contribute to obesity. Separating these lifestyle factors from genetic ones is often difficult. Still, growing evidence points to heredity as a strong determining factor of obesity.



Cryolipolysis: freezing fat for weightloss
Cryolipolysis refers to the noninvasive, selective destruction of the fat layer. This is a highly promising procedure that is being looked at as a quick alternative to liposuction. It cools fat cells in your body through use of a plate-like device. Lipolysis then naturally breaks them down for you.



Yoga Asanas for Reducing Abdominal Fat

The most dangerous fat lies around the organs, deep within the belly. The fat in the abdominal area functions differently than fat elsewhere in the body. It has a greater blood supply as well as more receptors for cortisol, a stress hormone. With high stress and, consequently, high cortisol levels, more fat is deposited in the abdominal area.



Fasting: how far can it help you lose Weight

Fasting is simply the restriction of our usual eating. Whether a fruit fast or a water fast or a fast from meat, or beef or sweets, fasting is a restriction of our food, a diet.



Choose fat loss over weight loss

Term "weight loss" and "fat loss" hold completely different meaning and you must know the difference if you want to lose weight or lose fat effectively and healthily.



Birth Control Pill and Weight Gain

Birth control Pills are basically oral contraceptives, used by women to avoid unwanted pregnancy. These contraceptive pills mainly contain two hormones estrogen and progesterone, which are synthetic versions of the natural female hormones.



Preventing middle age weight gain: a hard job

Middle age begins at age 41 and it can be a very interesting time. The kids are older and maybe even out of the house. Your career and professional goals are being met and life may start to slow down a bit. A slower pace may be nice, but this isn't the time to decrease your physical activity or start eating to many unhealthy foods at this time.


Estrogen-Progesterone factor in weight gain vs. loss

Weight gain in the abdomen is one of the most common complaints of women whose hormones have begun to change signaling peri-menopause.


SmartLipo: The Latest Fat-Removal and Skin Tightening Procedure
SmartLipo is different in that it uses a carefully calibrated laser to liquefy fat deposits through the top layers of the patient's skin. The laser actually ruptures fat cells, and the resulting oily, liquid substance is then removed through a tiny incision in the skin by the surgeon.


Outcome of YO-YO Dieting
The yo-yo diet is characterized by a cyclical pattern of repetitious loss and gain of body weight. Some of the ways people choose to do this include skipping meals and consuming very few calories. There is increasing evidence that weight cycling may lead to cardiovascular and metabolic disorders such as hypertension and diabetes.


Hydroxycut: to take or not to take

Hydroxycut is a dietary supplement that increases weight loss when used in conjunction with exercise. Hydroxycut is a thermogenic weight loss supplement continuing hydroxycitric acid, L-Carnitine, green tea extract, ma huang (herbal form of Ephedrine), guarana (herbal form of Caffeine), and willow bark (herbal form of Aspirin). These ingredients make an effect stack to suppress appetite and burn off fat.



StomaphyX Procedure: for early satiety and further weight loss

This revolutionary procedure is now available for individuals who have had previous gastric bypass surgery and who are regaining weight. This procedure involves no incisions and no recovery and involves placing an endoscope through the mouth into the stomach pouch. The connection between the stomach pouch and small intestines is then sutured resulting in slower emptying of the stomach and earlier satiety and more weight loss. The procedure also shrinks the stomach pouch and makes it small, similar to the outcome of the original gastric bypass procedure.



Vibration Plate exerciser:  effective for Weight Loss

New research suggests that, if used properly, vibration plate exercise machines may help you lose weight and trim the particularly harmful belly fat between the organs. Overweight or obese people who regularly undertook Power Plate exercise are more successful at long-term weight loss and shedding visceral or belly fat than those who combines dieting with a more conventional fitness routine and those who simply maintain dieting.



Adenovirus-36: a contributing factor in Obesity

Scientists have presented a new study showing infection with the adenovirus-36 (Ad-36) virus, long recognized as a cause of respiratory and eye infections in humans, may be a contributing factor.



Quick-Fixes For Your Waistline

Name any beauty treatment, from exfoliating to detoxification to massaging, and it's a fairly safe bet that it can be of some use to the waist. A flabby waist can have countless different causes. Dietary factors can lead to bloating or water retention, as can hormonal issues surrounding your menstrual cycle or menopause, or just plain old middle-aged spread. Read on to learn more...



What Makes Me the Weight I Am?

There's no easy answer to this question. What you weigh — and how easily you lose weight and keep it off — depends on a variety of factors. Some (how much you eat or exercise) are within your control; others (genetics, body type) aren't. Read on to learn more...



Iodine: A Critical Mineral for Weight Loss.

If adjusting your diet and exercising more hasn't helped you reach a healthy body weight, you may have hypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid gland. Fortunately, you can help normalize an underactive thyroid gland by increasing your intake of the mineral iodine.



Fat Burners: Temporary fixes to weight loss

Most of the 'Fat Burners' on the market are nothing more than glorified Caffeine, which basically means they are pharmaceutically manufactured caffeine in high doses, mixed with some other odd herbs which most likely do nothing and probably damage your health in the long run.



Striking Weight loss in 2009

A New Year's resolution is a great way to get motivated to start losing weight, but the key is finding a sensible program that will greatly increase your chances of reaching that challenging goal. Key weight loss strategies include eating much less fat, keeping a food journal, taking 10,000 steps per day, and finding a support system that will help you stay focused.



Belly Fat linked to early death - How to fight it

As women age, fat is more likely to build around the midsection, rather than the hips and thighs. Too much belly fat can increase your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Now an important new study links belly fat to early death.



Consistency: key to successful Weightloss

Have you ever accomplished anything great with an inconsistent effort? Unless failure is considered a great achievement, you probably haven't. You must exercise consistently to get the results you want! It blows my mind how many people don't even try to be consistent with their diet and exercise programs and complain about not seeing results.



How much to exercise for healthy Weight loss

It has been estimated that 1/2 kilo (1 pound) of body fat equals around 16,000 kilojoules (or around 4,000 calories). So to lose 1/2 kilogram of body fat each week through exercise, we need to burn off approximately 2,500 kilojoules (600 calories) extra each day.



Boosting Weight Loss By Limiting Fructose

One of the reasons people on low-carbohydrate diets may lose weight is that they reduce their intake of fructose, a type of sugar that can be made into body fat quickly, according to a researcher at UT Southwestern Medical Center.


Calcium needed to assist Weight Loss

Although it has long been known that all cells require calcium to function and that calcium also regulates the transport of other nutrients in and out of cells. But also there is growing evidence calcium plays an important role in the regulation of energy metabolism and, in certain circumstances, may help reduce body fat and prevent weight gain.



Counting health benefits of Peanut Butter

The peanut, Arachis hypogea, is really a legume - same as a bean or pea. Peanut butter makes delicious spread for breads, waffles, bagels, toast, crackers, apple slices, celery, or carrots. Spread it on plain or make some of the spreads at home. Store them in the refrigerator for up to a week.



Obesity: a risk factor for Asthma

Obesity has been rapidly increasing in prevalence over the past two decades—in children as well as in adults. Although obesity is a recognized risk factor for type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, atherosclerosis, and some forms of cancer, evidence suggests that obesity may also contribute to or even cause asthma.



Improving your metabolism
We know that our bodies need fuel, as does a car. We can increase the performance of a car with good fuel, and we know that cheap or incorrect fuel causes unnecessary wear and tear on the engine. For us it’s the same: we work better on good quality fuel and burn more fuel when inactive, to power basic processes such as breathing and blood circulation.



Choosing the right Diet for Weight Loss

Obesity is an ever-increasing problem in affluent countries. But if you plan to lose weight and stay slim, there is only one answer. You need to find a healthy way of eating that becomes part of your life for ever, not just as a temporary diet.



Chewing gum: an easy tool for weight management

Chewing on a piece of sugarless gum can help cleanse the mouth of bacteria, satisfy a sweet tooth, and reduce the urge to eat. Keep a pack of sugarless gum handy. It may help reduce cravings and control appetite.



Low pregnancy weight gain safe for obese women

Obese women can gain little or no weight during pregnancy and even lose a few pounds without harming their babies, new research suggests.



Body Fat and Women

Women tend to have more body fat than men—about five percent more. By nature, a woman's body is developed to protect her and a potential fetus. As a result, women have more enzymes for storing fat and fewer enzymes for burning fat. Additionally, the estrogen women have activates fat storing enzymes and causes them to multiply.


Weight Regain After Weight Loss

The formula for successful weight loss is deceptively simple. To lose weight you must burn off more energy than you take in from food. You will lose one pound of body fat every time you eat 3500 fewer calories than your body burns off.



High-Carb, Vegan Diet Causes Major Weight Loss

A low-fat, plant-based diet is more effective at helping women lose weight and improving insulin sensitivity than an omnivorous diet, shows a new study appearing in the September issue of The American Journal of Medicine.



Sleeping off the Pounds

Some of us, even those who remain active and eat right, find that we gain unwanted weight as we age. What may be missing is adequate sleep.



Tips for Preventing Holiday Weight Gain

Holidays provide a good excuse for overindulgence for more than a 60 day period of time to many women. A new study conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) shows that extra weight gained during the holidays accumulates through the years and may be a major contributor to obesity in later life.



Tofu: A nutritional powerhouse

It’s one of the richest vegetarian sources of protein, and a complete one. This nutritional powerhouse is not only delicious, but so versatile that it can stand in for a post workout snack or star in a stir-fry supper. Below, simple ways to incorporate tofu into everyday meals.



Foods for Managing Obesity

Foods that are low in fat and release energy into the  bloodstream slowly and steadily are the most useful for obese people trying to lose weight. Read on....



Diet and Weight Loss
Quick weight loss is inspiring, but it is important to think ahead too: you need to retrain your palate and eating habits and reassess your physical activity so that you can lose weight and weight and stay slim. Read on....



Preventing Weight Gain
To help people contend with this environment, AICR has issued a new brochure entitled, Don't Let It Happen. The brochure advises slender people to set a limit on weight gain by mentally adding 11 lbs. (5 Kg.) to their current weight.  They should commit themselves to stay within that limit. Read on....



Artificial Sweeteners Lead to Overeating

There are two forms of sugar in the food we eat. There are naturally occurring sugars in fruits and dairy products and there are added sugars in many processed foods. Aspartame, an artificial sweetener is the technical name for the brand names, NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, and Equal-Measure. Read on....



Carbohydrates: Do they cause weight gain?

The fact that carbohydrate cause weight gain is misleading. Weight gain is caused by consuming too many kilojoules (or calories) whether they are from carbohydrate, protein or fat. Read on....



Body Weight Vs Longevity
It has been proved now and again  that being overweight puts you at greater risk for many serious health problems such as high blood pressure (hypertension), heart disease, diabetes and gall bladder disease. In fact, losing weight is part of the initial treatment for some of these conditions. Read on...

Diet containing too much sugar can quickly cause weight gain
All Starchy and sweet foods are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, causing a rise in the hormone insulin which acts to clear sugar and fat from the blood and to be stored in the tissues for future use. This causes weight gain. Read on....



A Healthy Slimming Diet Over the Holidays
A slimming diet must provide all of the nutrients that the body needs. Read on....



Water: an element in healthy weight loss
 The amount of water you drink plays a key role in healthy weight loss as well as water retention in the body. All living things require a lot of water to maintain normal life processes, Read on....



Hypnosis: an additional technique for weightloss

Hypnosis is a natural state where the subconscious (creative) mind can be accessed. Since this is where a person's memories, beliefs, and habits are stored, having access to them means that they can also be modified for the person's benefit. Hypnosis has been used as an alternative treatment in medical institutions to manage everything from pain to smoking to weight loss.



How to gain weight?
 To gain weight and bulk up, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes, and work as hard as necessary and you have to be consistent. Your body will responds to consistency. Read on....



Chromium Picolinate: Supplement for weightloss

Chromium picolinate is a nutritional supplement that works to increase the efficiency of insulin to optimal levels. This popular nutritional supplement is a combination of the element chromium and picolinic acid.



Vertical Gastrectomy most effective for morbid obesity

According to a year long study, while all types of obesity-related surgery are  risky and a last option for most obese people, particularly older patients, vertical is preferred over three other methods (especially for those over 50).


Grapefruit and Weight loss
Eating half a grapefruit (or drink 8 ounces of grapefruit juice) may block enzymes involved in fat and carbohydrate storage, and speed up the way our bodies burn fat, resulting in weight loss.  Read on...


Obesity Linked to Kidney Stones

Obesity and weight gain may increase the risk of kidney stone formation, according to a new study from Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston. These findings suggest that developing ways to avoid holiday weight gain may be extremely important for preventing obesity and the diseases associated with it. Read on....


Visceral Fat: A major health concern in Postmenopausal Women

Body fat comes in two varieties. There’s subcutaneous fat, a noticeable layer of fat that lies just below the skin, and then there’s visceral fat, which is buried beneath the muscles. Visceral fat is the more worrisome variety because it surrounds vital organs and is metabolized by the liver, which turns it into blood cholesterol. Read on....



NES : A Factor in poor weight loss outcomes

NES (Night Eating Syndrome) is a syndrome with distinct psychopathology and increased food intake (over 50%) later in the day, both of which may contribute to poorer weight loss outcome. NES is prevalent in about 6% of people who seek treatment for obesity. Read on....



Growth Hormone or Fat Fighter : Can Growth Hormone Trigger Weight Loss
 A new study shows that obese people have lower-than-normal levels of growth hormone in their body, which may make it harder for them to lose weight. Read on....



Weight Loss Important for Treating, Preventing Hypertension

 One reason obesity is considered a serious health problem is because it is an important factor for essential hypertension (high blood pressure with no identifiable cause). The exact mechanisms for obesity to cause essential hypertension are not fully understood, but it has been linked to the kidneys. Read on....



All foods carry some calories. No food is actually "negative calorie" food. BUT the overall effect of certain foods in our body is that of "negative calories". Negative calorie foods are foods, which use more calories to digest than the calories the foods actually contain! Read on....



Protein vs. Carbohydrates: A Weight-Loss Choice?
If you want to lose weight and stay healthy, you have to eat fewer calories and exercise more, not simply cut whole categories of foods from your diet. Read on....



Fast Weight loss
 Fitness and subsequently fat-loss is a three-edged sword, weight training, aerobics and nutrition. One is not more important than the other. One alone is not the answer. Read on....



Keep Your Fat Furnace Working
One problem for the increase in body fat % with advancing age is that 'basal fat oxidation' - the rate at which fat is broken down inside the body tends to drop as we get older. Read on....



Too Fat? Pop a Pill.
 Can a pill really make you lose your appetite and turn your body into a calorie-burning machine? Read on....



First Federal Obesity Clinical Guidelines Released
The guidelines are based on the most extensive review of the scientific evidence on overweight and obesity conducted to date.



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