Body Smarts: Seemingly Benign Health Signs You Should Never Ignore

Body Smarts: Seemingly Benign Health Signs You Should Never Ignore


Many of us go to the dentist or doctor long after weíve noticed a little problem or sign that something may be amiss with our bodies. Here are some signs and symptoms you should never ignore and why.


You Have Severe Head Pain


Head pain can feel more serious than it actually is. Sometimes, itís just a headache caused by an imbalance in electrolytes. Other times, itís a migraine. And, while incredibly painful and debilitating, itís not usually life threatening.


If the pain isnít accompanied by other migraine symptoms though, like a visual aura, and youíre experiencing the worst headache of your life coupled with sudden and severe pain, youíre probably about to have an aneurysm. The arterial bulges that occur in 5 percent of people are a dead giveaway, but many donít experience this at all. Call 911 immediately because an aneurysm can cause permanent brain damage within minutes if not treated.


Your Tooth Is Throbbing


Itís likely that you have some form of gum disease. Your toothís nerve is probably exposed, your enamel has worn away, and itís causing the sensitivity and pain. Unless you get this checked out quickly, bacteria in your mouth can infect the nerve. But, itís more than just your mouth thatís at risk. Bacteria that enter into your bloodstream through your gums (yes, it happens), can cause a bloodstream infection.

This is called sepsis and it can be fatal. Many people donít have dental insurance, and so theyíre afraid to go to the dentist because they canít pay for it. But makes it easier to pay for dental insurance. So, you should never not go to the dentist because you donít have the money. Youíre life is worth more than that.


You Have a Sharp Pain In Your Side


If you feel like youíre just been stabbed in the side, and youíre also nauseated and running a fever, you may have appendicitis. This is when your appendix is, or is about to, burst. This is a very serious medical condition. When an appendix ruptures, toxins leak into the body and can kill you within minutes.


Itís caused when something, like feces (yes, poop), migrates into the space where the appendix empties into the colon. It blocks the area, which causes massive inflammation. If youíre a female, it may be an ovarian cyst. These are fluid-filled sacs which are usually harmless and disappear by themselves. If one ruptures, or twists, however, it can cause agonizing pain.


You Have A Sharp Pain In Your Chest


If you feel a dull ache in your chest, and a tingling down your arm, donít ignore it or blow it off as heartburn. Itís not. Youíre more likely having a heart attack. In women, symptoms tend to be less severe, and include pressure, fatigue, throat pain, and possibly shortness of breath.


Body Smarts: Seemingly Benign Health Signs You Should Never Ignore


You Have Abdominal Pain


Abdominal pain can be caused by any number of things. But, for many people itís gas. Itís still nothing to sneeze at, since the gas could be a symptom of a larger problem, like small intestinal  bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). SIBO is a serious infection that can result in nutritional deficiencies and may eventually cause more serious health problems.


If you notice discomfort after eating foods with dairy in them, you may be lactose intolerant. Some foods, like coffee, are cross-reactive - meaning that you might be lactose intolerant but your body sees coffee as a trigger food.


Get tested by your doctor and he or she can help you avoid lactose and trigger foods.


You may be suffering from other, more serious illnesses though like Crohn's or IBS.


Worst-case scenario if youíre a woman - ovarian cancer.


You Have A Pain In Your Back And Tingling In Your Toes


This is almost certainly some kind of nerve impingement or nerve pain. You could have ruptured a disc or it could be bulging just a bit. When the spongy part of your disc presses on the spinal nerve, it can cause severe pain. Without medical attention, you risk permanent nerve damage.


If the pain is so severe or instantaneous that it causes a loss of bowel or bladder control, go to the emergency room immediately. This is a sign of a medical condition which needs immediate attention.


Leg Pain


Leg pain can be any number of things. But, if one of your calves is on fire, you might have deep vein thrombosis, known as DVT. Itís a blood clot in your leg. Usually, what happens is that blood starts to pool in your lower body. It forms a clot. When it gets big enough to plug up your artery or vein, it will start to hurt and swell.


Smokers and women on the pill tend to have a higher risk for this type of clot. It can be life-threatening so resist the urge to walk it off or massage it. If the clot breaks free, it could go up to your lungs and cut off your oxygen supply, killing you. Youíll need blood thinners to work this out.


Rachel Bailey works in public health services and is always keen to share her insights and experiences on relevant health issues with an online audience. She is a regular writer for a variety of relevant websites on a number of health topics.


Dated 11 January 2015

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