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Get ready to inspire, motivate, encourage yourself.  This Motivational Messages Wall Paper displays 30 amazing and beautiful images - each with a motivational quote! These are some of the most beautiful and motivational images you'll ever see.

Stay positive and keep on track!

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Women Fitness Motivational Wallpaper Changer 0.1

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Women Fitness

Date added:

May, 17th 2004



Minimum requirements:

Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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Estimated download time:

Dial Up (53.3 KBPS)

DSL/Cable (384 KBPS)

DSL/Cable (768 KBPS)

T1 (1.5 MBPS)

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  • Provides Motivational quotes direct to your Desktop.

  • Changes wallpaper Automatically (default value is 1 day).

  • Personalised Wallpaper settings for time duration.

  • Easy to install, uninstall and customise.

  • Supports all versions of Windows.

User's Reviews:

  • ◊◊◊◊◊

  • I like your Wallpaper Changer. The encouraging words go a long way to keeping me focused on my weight loss goal. I am currently at 59% of my goal. WF has played an important part in that. Thank you, Lorrie

  • Thanks for your input. I am trying to stay focused on the program and it really feels good. Wallpaper Motivational quotes were a big help. Sen

  • Iím writing because I visited your site and really enjoyed the content. I especially liked how you encourage women to exercise. It is nice that you have sections for women to exercise during pregnancy and have information about fertility and Pregnancy. I think the icing on the cake is the motivational quote. Alot of people need motivation and those quotes are great! Christa Chernesky

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Step 1



When you click to Download Now, click SAVE on the pop-up menu and provide the path where you want to download the setup files.

After downloading is complete, run the setup to install Women Fitness Wallpaper Changer.



Step 2



















Click Next to continue.



Step 3











Set the Folder path where you want to install the program. Default path is already set. It is recommended to use default path attributes.






Click Next to continue.



Step 4


Wait untill the next menu appears.



Step 5


Your installation is Complete.









Click Close to quit.



Step 6


Check Women Fitness Wallpaper Manager Icon on the desktop.





Step 7





Click OK to continue.


Here you can change time settings for automatically changing of the wallpaper. Values are to be inputted in minutes. The default value is 1 day.





Step 8


The Configuration is Complete.


Now you can enjoy the Motivational Messages Wall Paper.








Click OK to continue.





Step 9


For changing the options and managing Wallpaper setting double click WF icon on the right hand corner of the taskbar.






Women Fitness Team