Women Fitness Gadget for Google Homepage (igoogle)


Gadgets can run on multiple sites, including iGoogle, orkut, other OpenSocial containers, Google Desktop, and thousands of sites all over the web which use Gadgets for Webpage. Gadgets are written in a module language using XML that wraps HTML and JavaScript.


How do I get started with google gadgets?

Google gadgets are great! They let you customise your google page with information and links that are relevant for you. It is very easy to get started, so here goes...

This module is for Google Members. If you are using any of the google Services then Skip Step 1 and start from Step 2.

 Join google (it's free and easy!).

You can use google.com or your local google (such as google.co.uk).

Do you have a google account? If so, please sign in and skip ahead to number 2. If not you can sign up for a free one by clicking on the sign in link in the top right hand corner. This will take you to a page titled Personalize Your Homepage. On the right are two boxes. The top one is for signing in - but you are not a member yet. You need the lower box, which says, Not using Google Mail or other Google Account services? Click on Create an account now. You will have to enter your email address and a password. Make sure your password is secure as the system will not accept an insecure one. By this I mean, make sure you mix some letters and numbers into the password. You also have to tell your country, and type in some hard-to-read characters - this is to make sure that you are human and not a machine. Click on create my account.

Google will now send you an email, to make sure that your email address was correct. Check your emails and read the one from google. Click on the confirmation link in the email. You will be taken back to the google site which will tell you:

Email Address Verified

Thank you for verifying your Google account. Your account is now activated.

Well Done!

Now click on Click here to continue. You are now signed in and will see your email address at the top of the page. You've done the hard bit!

Now goto Step 3 directly.


Goto http://www.google.co.in/ig?hl=en or http://www.google.com and make sure that you are signed in and you can see your email address at top of the page.

 To start adding content return to Womenfitness Gadets Homepage.
Atlast we can add the Women Fitness content and personalise your page!

 Almost there!

Click Add WomenFitness Gadget. Google will then start the process of making your personal homepage. It will ask you: You are about to add a feature that was created by Women Fitness... Just click on Add to Google.

 See it in action!

Now you will return to your google homepage, personalised for you with latest of Women Fitness updated to the last minute.

Each time when you visit Google.com's personalised homepage you can see latest happening at Women Fitness.





Womenfitness Webpage gadget.


Womenfitness Webpage gadget is a free service that allows you to add your latest from Women Fitness to your website or blog. It uses a small piece of javascript code to do so. With Womenfitness Webpage gadget, you can have the latest Articles, news, programs, events and other updates displayed on your website updated to the last minute.

There isnít anything fancy about it, itís as "simple" as that.

You can easily display the latest Women Fitness updates on your site by adding a Womenfitness Webpage gadget.

When anything is updated on Women Fitness, it will automatically be displayed on your site.

To get started, just copy and paste the code to your site and add the latest from Women Fitness onto your website page.

Copy and paste the following script code into the HTML source of the site where you want the Women Fitness Gadget to be displayed.