Curry Leaves
Curry leaves are derived form a beautiful aromatic and more or less deciduous shrub growing up to 0.9 metre or a small downy tree up to 6 metres in height and 15 to 40 cms in diameter. The leaves are slightly bitter and aromatic.

Curry leaves posses the qualities of a herbal tonic. They strengthen the functions of stomach and promote its action. They are also used as a mild laxative. The leaves may be taken mixed with other mild tasting herbs. The juice extracted from 15 grams of leaves may be taken with buttermilk.

Liberal intake of leaves is considered benefits in preventing premature graying of hair. These leaves have the property to nourish the hair roots. New hair roots that grow are healthier with normal pigment. The leaves can be used in the form of chutney or the juice may be squeezed and taken in buttermilk or lassi.

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