As the world wakes up to the freshness of nature and natural products, Herbs take on a leading role. Simple everyday foods and herbs have moved out of the kitchen to be an effective, inexpensive and safe part of health care. The time-tested science of Ayurveda uses the goodness of single herbs and different foods to keep your body at its healthiest best. Women Fitness presents a detailed Directory of herbs.

Rose Oil



A highly aromatic essential oil widely used in cosmetics. Powerful tonic to circulation, digestive system, heart, liver congestion, disorders of the genital-urinary system.. Acts by cleansing & regulating, rather than stimulating. Affinity to female reproductive system, helps in sexual problems, frigidity & impotence. Reputed aphrodisiac. Tonic & astringent to all skin types. Least toxic of all essences.

Rose oil eases menstrual pain, in a study of 75 women, 25 massaged rose oil onto their abdomens to ease menstrual pain, the most common gynecologic complaint. Twenty-five used unscented almond oil and 25 did nothing for their pain. The rose oil group had significantly less pain.

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February, 21 2015

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