As the world wakes up to the freshness of nature and natural products, Herbs take on a leading role. Simple everyday foods and herbs have moved out of the kitchen to be an effective, inexpensive and safe part of health care. The time-tested science of Ayurveda uses the goodness of single herbs and different foods to keep your body at its healthiest best. Women Fitness presents a detailed Directory of herbs.

Slippery Elm



Excellent for the GI tract; soothes ulcers and colon when taken orally & rectally; breaks up mucous in lung problems; good for  any ulcerated condition - use as a poultice for rashes, etc.; neutralizes stomach acidity & gas; use as a poultice for cold sores; use in cough syrups; helps feed adrenal glands; lubricates bowels; heals intestines


Herbs this week

September, 30 2015

There are a herbs and spices that contain phytochemicals (plant-based compounds) with healing properties that help decrease inflammation, stimulate the immune system, fight viruses and bacteria - and soothe the stomach. More>


Herbs A- Z