As the world wakes up to the freshness of nature and natural products, Herbs take on a leading role. Simple everyday foods and herbs have moved out of the kitchen to be an effective, inexpensive and safe part of health care. The time-tested science of Ayurveda uses the goodness of single herbs and different foods to keep your body at its healthiest best. Women Fitness presents a detailed Directory of herbs.




Rosemary is a widely cultivated herb and a popular garden plant with its spiky dark green leaves and distinctive scent. As a medicine, rosemary provides a valuable heart and liver tonic and also helps reduce high blood pressure. It is widely used too in the treatment of nerves, digestive disorders and menstrual pains. In all cases a small cupful of the standard infusion should be taken each morning on rising. Used as a lotion, this herb or its oil will cure all pains in the head. When taken with honey it cures coughing. Rosemary is well known as a fine tonic for the scalp and skin. It adds lustre to the hair and is a common ingredient of many commercial shampoos. It keeps the skin free from wrinkles. Boil rosemary leaves and the flowers and use the mixture as a face wash. Do not wipe the face afterwards, but let is dry naturally. The regular washing of face with this solution will keep you young for ever.

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April, 12 2014

The typical symptoms of IBS are pain, bloating, gas and diarrhea or constipation. Other symptoms can include mucus in your stool and pain relief after a bowel movement. You might also have the sensation of incomplete emptying after a bowel movement. IBS symptoms occur when muscles in your large intestine contract more quickly or more slowly than normal. More>






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