It Phytolacca americana

Parts Used - Root

Pokeroot has a wide range of uses and is a valuable addition to many holistic treatments. Pokeroot may be seen primarily as a remedy for use in infections of the upper respiratory tract, removing catarrh and aiding the cleansing of the lymphatic glands. Pokeroot may be used for catarrh, tonsillitis, laryngitis, swollen glands (adenitis), mumps, etc. It will be found of value in lymphatic problems elsewhere in the body and especially for mastitis, where it can be used internally and as a poultice. Pokeroot also has a use in rheumatism, especially where it is long standing. Care must be taken with this herb as in large dosage it is powerfully emetic and purgative. Externally as a lotion or ointment pokeroot may be used to rid the skin of scabies and other pests.

TINCTURE - Use a maximum dose of 1 ml (20 drops) for acute lymphatic congestion and infection, including mastitis, tonsillitis, scrofula, and glandular fever. Combine with wild indigo, purple coneflower, or cleavers. Add to herbal remedies for rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis. Can also be added to remedies used to stimulate the liver, or in prescriptions for gastric ulceration.

POULTICE - Apply to inflamed joints, varicose ulcers, and hemorrhoids.

LOTION - Use the diluted tincture or powder dispersed in water for lymphatic swellings.

POWDER - Take internally in small doses (50 - 250 mg) for lymphatic disorders including mastitis and tonsillitis, or for rheumatism. Use a little powder as a dust for skin fungal infections, dry eczema, psoriasis, and scabies.

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