Scotch Pine
Scotch pine has an impressive history as a useful medicinal plant.

Parts Used - Leaves, branches, sterns, seeds, essential oil.

The leaves of Scots pine, taken internally, have a mildly antiseptic effect within the chest, and may also be used for arthritic and rheumatic problems. Essential oil from the leaves may be taken for asthma, respiratory infections, and digestive disorders such as gas. Scots pine branches and stems yield a thick resin, which is also antiseptic within the respiratory tract. The seeds yield an essential oil with diuretic and respiratory-stimulant properties; The seeds are used for bronchitis, tuberculosis, and bladder infections. A decoction of the seeds may be applied to suppress excessive vaginal discharge.

Externally, the tar is incorporated into an ointment, or tar water, and is employed as a remedy for such chronic skin diseases as psoriasis and eczema and for open sores. Scotch pine pitch, the result of distilling the tar, also yields medicinal preparations for eczema and similar skin problems, and it is recommended internally for skin diseases and hemorrhoids as well.

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