Joey Bull: Exceptionally Talented and Highly Accomplished Four Times UK fitness champion and a Fitness Expert Reveals her Workout, Diet and Beauty Secrets   

Dated 30 November 2015
Joey Bull: Exceptionally Talented and Highly Accomplished Four Times UK fitness champion and a Fitness Expert Reveals her Workout, Diet and Beauty Secrets


Joey Bull is four time UK fitness champion, an adventure athlete, fitness writer & author, DVD presenter, International fitness trainer, motivational speaker, classically trained dancer and choreographer. This mix of skills means that Bull's workouts deliver an all-round conditioning that really pushes your muscles, cardiovascular system and helps improve posture and agility.

As a Trainer:
Joey trains all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities from experienced athletes to first time exercisers, older people and children. Joey combines her encyclopedic knowledge of health, fitness and conditioning with a love of the outdoors. Where possible she does away with the conventional indoor workout weight and cardio' routines and embraces varied elements including activities from dance and gymnastics, outdoors!

As a Writer:
She regularly writes columns for leading UK and overseas magazines tackling a variety of fitness, health and activity based subjects. Her book, Tidy The Temple, is about to be published

As a TV, Radio & DVD Presenter:
Joey has appeared many times on radio and TV as a presenter, guest and competitor. She has even featured on live Belgian TV where her ability to speak fluent French came in handy! She has filmed five workout DVDs for IMC Vision. Thanks to their success more are planned for the near future.

As a Public Speaking Expert:
Joey makes presentations to schools to motivate and educate students into choosing effective and healthy ways to optimize their physiology. British swimming legend and TV star Sharron Davies MBE has invited Joey to join her panel of elite motivational speakers. They will be available to talk to all kinds of audiences from corporate big business to schools and colleges.

As a Dancer & Choreographer: Joey was educated at the famous Elmhurst Ballet School near Windsor from an early age and received the very best training in classical dance and choreography. Although knee reconstruction ultimately ended her dance career, she remains a dancer at heart and is able to build her expertise and into workout routines.

In Outdoor Pursuits:
As an avid participant in outdoor activities Joey has immersed herself in most things. As an accomplished mountaineer she has scaled some of the world's great peaks and rock climbs. She also enjoys diving, mountain biking, canoeing and skiing.

Joey successfully endorses high quality products that she believes in and has helped in the development of some. Her extensive media contacts also allows for good profile raising coverage and PR for products and businesses in the press. Joey has been photographed by some top celebrity photographers and is highly experienced in front of a camera.



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