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Baking Soda Treatment for Life-Threatening Asthma
Reported March 17, 2005

(Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda, may be a treatment for life-threatening asthma in children, according to a new study in CHEST.

Researchers from the Netherlands evaluated 17 children with life-threatening asthma (LTA) who were treated with sodium bicarbonate in a pediatric intensive care unit.

The treatment involves the use of sodium bicarbonate administered by IV to help decrease the blood acidity in patients suffering from LTA.

Results show the 17 children with LTA who were treated with sodium bicarbonate showed a decrease in blood carbon dioxide levels, which in turn decreased their blood acidity. All but one of the patients showed an improvement in respiratory distress as well.

Authors of the study conclude, "Administration of sodium bicarbonate in 17 children with LTA was associated with a significant decrease in [carbon dioxide] and an improvement of respiratory distress. The possible benefits of sodium bicarbonate in LTA deserve further study."

SOURCE: CHEST, 2005;127:866-870