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Australian woman told sex would cure lung ailment

Reported July 07, 2009

SYDNEY (AFP) An Australian woman who claims she developed mould on her lungs as a result of working in a damp basement was told to have sex to cure her health problems, her lawyer claimed Tuesday.

Regina Senger is suing her employer and the owner of the building where she worked after developing headaches, respiratory and sinus problems, her solicitor Rebecca Jancauskas said.

The Queensland property manager was allegedly forced to work alone in "pervasive, pungent" dampness with mould growing on the walls and carpet.

And tests revealed spores were sprouting in her lungs, Jancauskas said.



In a show of "flagrant disregard" for her symptoms, she was told that having sex would cure her health problems when she asked to be moved, Jancauskas added.

"The injury and ill health caused is very substantial in that it impacts on all aspects of one's life...the compensation could be substantial," she said.

Senger left the company to undergo medical treatment in March, and has only been able to return to work part-time elsewhere, Jancauskas said.

Source : AFP