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Sleeping disorders treated in lab

Reported March 30, 2009

ISTANBUL-A new department named the "Sleep Laboratory" opened its doors for people suffering from insomnia, sleepwalking and sleep retention.

When speaking about the newly opened unit, head of the health department Dr. Hüseyin Fidan said snoring is a common problem. "People think snoring is normal, but it is not. It creates breathing disorders and sleep apnea, which hinders breathing," he said.

Breathing disorder



Breathing disorders during sleep impact people’s health heavily and can sometimes be deadly. People do not have correct or enough information on sleeping problems, Fidan said. "People who have problems during sleep should come and be examined by doctors. They will be under controlled conditions while sleeping in order to diagnose their issue," Fidan said.

Yunus Emre State Hospital’s Sleep Laboratory operates in cooperation with the sleep laboratory at Eskisehir Osmangazi University Hospital.


Source : Anatolia News Agency