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Protein Calculator
Protein Calculator

Proteins are essential nutrients made up of 22 amino acids that build and repair body tissues. They are needed not only for muscle but also for hair, skin and internal organs and a very important part of a well-balanced diet. Proper nutrition is critical for optimal health and achieving the results you desire. Exercise regularly and eat right: you'll be on the right track to looking, feeling, and performing at your very best. Withhold key nutrients and eat poorly: your body will have little energy and your muscles will have literally nothing with which to repair and improve themselves.

WF has created this on-line tool to help you understand your personal daily protein requirements. After all, the more you know the better decisions you'll make. Enter your information below, click on "Submit", and you'll immediately receive an accurate estimate of how much protein you should consume daily.


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Competitive athlete (e.g., training for a marathon, a specific sport, or bodybuilding competition)

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