Good Health Quiz

Good Health Quiz


You don't have to work out in a gym or go to aerobics classes to keep fit, but you do have to make exercise and activity of some sort part of your daily life, Here is a simple quiz to help you to rate your everyday habits for fitness value. In each case, tick the box that most applies to you and check your result.

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How often do you use a car for short journeys when you could walk?


How often do you take part in sports or other activities such as golf, tennis, squash, bowls, swimming or dancing?

Never or very rarely.
Once a week or more.
A few times a month.

When you have to go up a few floors in a building how often do you take the stairs?

Never, or only if the lift is broken.
When feeling specially energetic.


How often do you exert yourself enough to make you slightly breathless for at least 20 minutes (for example, by cycling or fast walking)?

Once a month to once a week.
Never or rarely.
More than once a week.

If you have to run 100yd (100m) for a bus how long does it take you to get your breath back?

Under 3 minutes.
3 minutes or more.
Unlikely to be out of breath.


How often do you walk 2 miles (3km) or more at a time?

Once a week or more.
Once or twice a month.
Never or infrequently.

How would you describe your normal daily routine?

Always on the move.
Mostly sedentary.
Variable, but generally fairly active.

On average, how many hours a week do you spend watching television?

24 hours or more.
10 to 24 hours.
Fewer than 10 hours.

How often do you engage in vigorous tasks such as floor-scrubbing, digging the garden or washing windows?

Once a week or more.
Never or rarely.
A few times a month.

Which of these ways of spending a Sunday afternoon is most usual for you?

Sleeping or watching television.
Walking or playing sport.
Pottering around the house or garden.