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  Women Fitness Weight loss
  Women Fitness Weight loss
  Women Fitness Weight loss
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Walking Vs. Running: Which is Better?

Date: 10 April 2014

Walking as well as running are excellent aerobic exercises. Both have similar health benefits - weight loss and management, improved sleep pattern, elevated mood, energy boost, decrease in blood pressure and cholesterol levels and decreased risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.   read more

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  • Top 10 Reasons why you're not Losing Weight  

    Women constantly complain that they are not losing weight in-spite of following a regular diet and exercise routine. WF team has put together top ten possible reasons why you are not losing weight.

  • Top 10 things to forget about Dieting & Weight loss  

    Because if you want to lose weight and change your life you must change the way you think about dieting. Besides dieting is characterized by a cyclical pattern of repetitious loss and gain of body weight.

  • Energy Gap: A Useful Tool For Successful Weight Loss  

    The term energy gap is used to estimate the change in energy balance (intake and expenditure) behaviors required to achieve and sustain reduced body weight outcomes in individuals and population at large.

  • Top 10 to a Heart-Healthy Pizza Meal

    Pizza has often been classified Making your own pizza at home is a great way to slash calories and fat as well as add some serious flavor and nutrients by selecting your own fresh toppings.

  • Frozen Foods: How Healthy are They?

    Snacking is a universal behaviour around the world leaving more and more women to decide, what to eat during a craving attack.

  • Freekeh: A Nutrition Powerhouse for Weight loss  

    Freekeh is a cereal food made from green wheat that goes through a roasting process in its production. The incredibly high fiber content of freekeh has been credited with weightloss (since fiber fills you up and keeps you feeling full), and, if you're not eating a healthy well balanced diet already, you could probably use more fiber in your diet.

  • Top Vegetarian Super Foods for Weight Loss

    Super food is a marketing term used to describe foods with supposed health benefits. Blueberries, often called a Super food. The term is not in common use by dietitians and nutrition scientists, many of whom dispute that particular foodstuffs have the health benefits often claimed by advocates of particular Super foods.

  • DASH Diet: Tops as the Best Diet of 2013 

    In a market flooded with applications (apps) to help women keep a track of their health status- diet,  exercise and fitness level. It is important to take note that the right fitness app can give you the boost you need to get through your workouts, but the wrong one can leave you frustrated.

  • Target Weight Maintenance this Holiday Season

    According to a new study melatonin consumption helps control weight gain because it stimulates the appearance of 'beige fat', a type of fat cell that burns calories in vivo instead of storing them.

  • Why Can't I Keep the Weight Off ?

    Losing weight is hard, but keeping it off can be even harder. According to an Australian researcher, a symphony of hormonal changes sends the body relentless signals to slow metabolism and increase the urge to eat, for at least a year after weight loss. Dieters are left to fight their own biology.