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Women Fitness brings you the way to be healthy and fit. Underneath listed are the articles and top 10 which will guide you to be fit and healthy while competing geo-caching. The tips and tricks mentioned in the articles can be helpful to manage any type of terrain and environmental situations. To make you body athletic and fit to play geocaching you need to apply some efforts and women fitness is always there to guide you in your way to healthy life.



Top 10  Yoga Retreats For a Healthy HolidayTop 10 Yoga Retreats For a Healthy Holiday

Coping with the pressure of daily routine at office and at home, women can be left panting with exhaustion. A break is needed to walk away stress. A retreat is a destination with the ideal conditions for a more profound practice of meditation. Detain yourself for a few days from the usual routine and reflect on your own self to develop conscious attention. Holidays are a time to rejuvenate and get refreshed. Yoga can serve as a wonderful option. Read more.....


Yoga retreat: choice for the holiday season

What exactly is a yoga retreat? Is there a difference between yoga retreat and spending a vacation? These are the questions which might crop up in your mind, while planning a relaxing and refreshing holiday.

With a number of yoga centers sprouting up people want to take the opportunity to unwind and relax. The retreat gives you an adventure with the nature. The yoga retreat requires a schedule that you need to follow but held in a peaceful environment. On the other hand a vacation is a time wherein you can be away from stressful work; enjoy life without thinking about anything. The difference in both is that in yoga, you are relaxing and refocusing on your inner self wherein in vacation, you are just relaxing your physical body. Read more.....


Top 10 to get a Beach Body

As its time to show off your best side at the beach get that body toned, sculpted and ready to strut at a sandy beach in an itsy-bitsy two piece. The two greatest concerns for a woman's beach body should be the legs and glutes.

One Leg Squat: This is one of the most effective sport specific resistance conditioning exercise available.
Stand straight, with your body weight supported on your right foot, which should be flat on the floor. Tuck your left heel up behind you, with your lower leg roughly parallel to the ground and your left knee aligned with the right. Balance;
Look straight ahead and don't arch or curve your back but maintain neutral spine position;
Keep arms by your sides. Read more.....


Top 10 to combat holiday stress

According to the Mayo Clinic, the three main trigger points of holiday stress and depression are relationships, finances and physical demands. So, eat, drink and be active.

Exercise Every Day Get out of the house for a walk to view the Christmas lights and decorations in the evening. Be sure to dress for the weather and take along a flashlight to illuminate your path. Exercise is probably one of the most underrated stress relievers that there is and it can be as simple as getting out, getting a change of scene, going around the block once. Walking, jogging, swimming, yoga or aerobics exercises are one of the most effective remedies for stress. Daily 20-30 minutes exercise session helps you in relaxing the body. It decreases anxiety and strengthens the immune system. Read more.....


Outdoor Exercises: Better Suited to Fight Depression

A 2011 study in Environmental Science & Technology clarified the best setting to engage in physical activity. After examining 11 studies with 833 participating adults, the author's concluded that when compared to indoor exercise, outdoor exercise led to:

Greater improvement in mental well-being
Greater feelings of revitalization
Increased energy and positive engagement, and
Greater decreases in tension, confusion, anger and depression Read more.....


20 Foods to Save Your Heart

To help you get in the swing of heart-smart eating, WF health experts have come up with a list of 20 foods put your heart performance to pinnacle.

According to newly updated (2011) guidelines from the American Heart Association (AHA), women are now classified in three groups: high risk for heart disease, at risk, or ideal cardiovascular health. The high-risk group changed little from previous years and includes women with established heart disease, chronic kidney disease, or diabetes, among other risk factors.
Read more.....


Workout Tips for mother-daughter duo

While you are looking around for a workout partner in order to get fit, just a hand shake away is one in form of mother and/or a daughter. Age doesn't matter if you have a daughter who is a pre-schooler, grade schooler, teenager and so on. This will not help in building your physical fitness but what you stand to gain is a emotional bonding which will only get stronger with time and age.

Stop blaming genetics and lack of time for un-wanted weight gain. Its actually the choices we make daily all the while we are growing up like--what we eat, how active we stay--are the things that need to be controlled. Don't give up, its NOW or EVER. Read more.....


Get Ready to Spice up your boring workout

Boredom will kill any workout routine. Who really wants to work out on the same machines doing the same reps every day? It gets to be so very boring, that you lose all motivation to work out in the first place. This is an indication that your body is craving for new and adventurous ways to workout.

Read more.....


Turning gardening into a complete body workout

Trust me you could turn gardening into a complete body workout, and at the same time make your environment more beautiful. Gardening involves a number of different kinds of exercises, including stretching, weightlifting, and a moderate cardiovascular workout.

To reap the maximum health benefits from your gardening use as little machinery as possible. Use manual clippers, trimmers and lawnmowers if possible. Try to stick to a regular garden exercise routine. Rather than saving up your outdoor work for one marathon weekend session, schedule at least 30-60 minutes of gardening two or three times per week if you can manage the time. If your away from home during the day working, early mornings (if you can get up) evenings and weekends are ideal gardening times. Read more.....


Surviving Nuclear Radiation

A complete meltdown could release uranium and dangerous contaminants into the environment and pose major, widespread health risks

An explosion Monday(14/3/11) rocked the second of three reactors at earthquake-ravaged Japan's Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex, but officials insisted that radiation levels near the facility were safe, according to news reports. A similar explosion at a second reactor at the complex occurred on Saturday. The explosions prompted an order for hundreds of people to stay indoors, the Associated Press reported. Following Monday's explosion, Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary, Yukio Edano, said the containment vessel holding radioactive nuclear rods at the reactor was intact, allaying some fears of health threats to the public. Read more.....


Tricks to lose those last 5 lbs

Before starting off ask yourself do you really need to tackle those last 5 pounds, or is your health, fitness, self-esteem, and quality of life already improved? Remember, "fantasy weight" -- is overrated because it can be very difficult both to get there, and to maintain.

Take a step back and try to figure out why your weight loss has stopped. Most of the time, dieters are eating more than they think or stuck in a rut doing the same exercise routine over and over again. With a few simple changes you can lose those last pounds once and for all.
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Lifesaver on Weight loss hurdles

We all have days like this when our motivation is low and our need to overeat or be a couch potato takes over. But it's best to bust those excuses before they become a well worn mantra of failure.

Cultivating true resilience is a lifelong process.  Read more.....


Stomach Bloating: Its Herbal Management

Your intestines are home to hundreds of good and bad bacteria and in a healthy individual the amounts balance each other out. When you ingest certain foods high in sugar or gas producing ingredients, the bad bacteria multiply at a rapid pace, causing excess gas and bloating. Lack of water intake and exercise also contribute to bloating and gas issues.

Stomach is an issue faced by one and all sometime in their lives. There are a number of remedies available both online and in the market.  Read more.....


Influenza vaccination: an essential element of prenatal care

All women who will be pregnant through the influenza season (October - May in the United States) should be vaccinated against influenza, according to recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice (ACIP) and supported by the COP.
(The above has been published in October issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology by ACOG.) Read more.....


Learning the art of positive Thinking

Optimism, enthusiasm and a refusal to tolerate boredom are characteristics that are often associated with young people. There is no reason why this should be the case, however, and one of the best ways to remain psychologically young is to cultivate the art of positive thinking.

Foster a sense of optimism
 Life brings many experiences: some positive and some negative. As people get older they may fall into the trap of focusing on negative experiences and unwittingly cultivating a sense of pessimism about the future. Pessimism can be further encouraged by media messages that value youth and denigrate aging.
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