Nutrisystem Foods Do They Taste Good?

 Ok, so my big box of Nutrisystem prepackaged food has arrived at my door, and what Im wondering is am I going to be living off of cardboard for the rest of the month? The box is daunting.  All the entrees are stacked together, then the snacks, desserts, and breakfasts.  It looks a little like it couldnt possibly be human food, but hey, Schwans and Stouffers taste good to me, so I might as well give it a try.

What Exactly are Trans Fat?

Nutrisystem Foods  Do They Taste Good?I started Nutrisystem because I got a great promotional code and coupon online from, and the diet seems relatively cheap compared to what I spend on groceries each month. So, how does it taste? Like anything in life, it's hit and miss but I've definitely found things I really love, like pizza, mac and cheese, ice cream, cereals, pancakes and more.  The flavor is not nearly as bad as I thought, and Nutrisystem has a great option to customize your deliveries, so I can reorder my favorite foods and avoid those that are not as appealing to me.

Cardboard or Culinary Pleasure

I have a sweet tooth and find the desserts and sweet snacks to be not overly sweet, and I don't get the same energy crashes that I get from candy or sugary breakfast cereal.  Please keep in mind that the savory meals are quite salty, though. I'm researching to see if there are lower sodium options that are more appealing.  The salt acts as a preservative in the entrees, but on the meat entrees it seems to be a little too much.

You also have the great option of returning those unopened foods that you don't want or don't like.  Nutrisystem has a fantastic refund policy that makes it easy to try new things and explore.  You're sure to find some options that you like, and of course, some that you don't.  Don't be afraid to try new things and explore your taste buds.

Nutrisystem Foods  Do They Taste Good?Another great thing to do is read reviews of Nutrisystem meals online. There is a wealth of opinions out there but there are some tried and true favorites that people can really agree upon. One great idea for improving the taste of Nutrisystem foods is to follow all cooking instructions carefully.  It's easy to botch something up by cooking it too long, not adding enough water, or not cooking it enough.  Read the directions carefully to get the most flavor out of your meals. 

Also, add your favorite low calorie condiments to your meals, such as mustard, catsup, pickles, and more.  Explore the use of sugar free and fat free syrups and dressings.  This allows you to add more variety to your meals so that you never get bored.  Add fruits and vegetables, simply steamed or raw.  Fruits and vegetables have fantastic natural flavors and textures that enhance your enjoyment of the pre made foods, so go ahead and indulge.  Fruits and veggies are so good for you anyway, that you can't possibly go wrong.  Get creative with added salads and fruit smoothies.  Make your own fruit and vegetable sauces and you're sure to never get bored with the Nutrisystem meals.

Article written by professional writer and Santa Monica College graduate Annette Parks who has tried the Nutrisystem diet.

Dated 10 November 2013


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