Bones are the body's repository of calcium and like any bank they gain and lose reserves all the time To keep them well supplied you need at least 1,000 milligrams of calcium a day( your daily requirement jumps to 1,500 mg if you've passed menopause and aren't taking estrogen) Lucky for you plenty of delicious food are brimming with the mineral including dairy products many green vegetable soyabean oranges, and seafood All it takes to meet your daily requirement : a cup of skin milk at breakfast cup of low fat yoghurt, some channa ( whole ) and an orange at lunch and a couple of pieces of the mackerel (bangda ) at dinner Round off the day with with a cup of skin milk

A word to the wise : Some calcium -rich veggies -- including spinach and leafy greens -- are also high in oxalates chemicals that bind with calcium in the intestine and prevent the mineral from being used Don't rely on these foods to meet your calcium quota


Studies have linked too much salt and caffeine to poor absorption or depletion. Break the habit of reaching for the salt- shaker avoid sodium -laden processed foods and stop at two cups of coffee per day -- with low - fat milk to replenish calcium lost to the caffeine Liquor also interferes with bone formation