Winter 2012-13 Descends With Rainbow Colours for Eyes

Winter 2012-13 Descends With Rainbow Colours for EyesVogue recently published emerald green, peacock blue and ruby red - shown on the eyes of the models during the autumn/winter 2012-13 shows.

An arresting blend of purple, green and gold eye shades are there to give the classic smoky eye a new lease of life, along with a flash of colour in the form of electric blue mascara.

Choosing a blue shade to match your skin and eye colour

It is important to coordinate your eye shadow with your clothing, as well as you actual eye and skin color. Then only will there be a right impact.

  • With brown eyes, you can use blue eye shadow, and if you have gold flecks in your eyes you may want to try an eye shadow that has a gold shimmer to it.

  • If you have green eyes pop them up, by wearing various purple shades of eye shadow.

  • With blue eyes, stay far away from blue eye shadow. If you want you eyes to pop and look mesmerizing then try wearing earth-tones, such as browns with a slight purple base. The best would be a gray, violet or purple color on the lower/mid lid of your eye and a light taupe, cream on the upper lid of your eye, blending the colors where they meet. A deeper blue (darker than your eye color) mixed with a gray will provide a smoky effect.

  • If you want a dramatic look, then find a greyish-blue eyeliner and pick a light shade of grey for the upper and lower lid of your eye and a darker shade of grey (or greyish-blue) for the middle.

  • Gradually introduce yourself to a blue eye liner. Sapphire eyeliner is light enough to be distinctively blue while being dark enough to pair with more conservative outfits or occasions. Once you’ve worn bright eyeliners a few times then you can wear almost any shade o’ crazy. Keep the liner simple (a single line) and pair it with a brown or beige shadow.

  • The shades for blue mascara can be anything from navy to bright blue shades. It can help emphasize blue or grey eyes and make the whites of the eyes look whiter making your eyes look deep and irresistible. Women with green eyes, brown eyes and hazel eyes can also use blue mascara. But don't forget to choose the perfect blue shade mascara that can highlight the color of your eyes in a very wonderful manner.

Orient (mixes a purple with gray) and Pacific (mixes deep blue and light taupe) are great for everyday. On the other hand, if you want a look like you aren't wearing any make-up, then go for a blue with a white color that blends for a subtle look.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is eye-shadow should compliment your eye color and it shouldn't contrast with your clothing. That is, avoid wearing a purple based eye shadow on your blue eyes while you are wearing a coral toned shirt. Try to keep your clothing and eye shadow in the same or color family, or at least a complimentary family.

More Tips:

  • Always pick a soft color for the entire eye area up to the brow bone & then use the darker color only up to your eye's crease.

  • Winter 2012-13 Descends With Rainbow Colours for EyesMake sure to use a professional brush and blend well into the eye.

  • Use a bois de rose blusher (certainly nothing too red) and lipsticks in cool shades so that the shade goes well with the cool tone of blue eye shadow and mascara. Pinkish, indigo and plum type shades lipsticks work best with blue color.

  • Blue is a color that symbolizes boldness. So, be sure to exude confidence when you opt for blue.

  • Wear accessories that will help bring attention to your eyes. With blue eye make up, you can opt for an indigo scarf, deep blue earrings or a hair pin in matching blue shade. But don’t do overdo it. Wear minimum accessories.

  • If you are using blue mascara on all the lashes, use navy blue eyeliner. Black liner with blue lashes doesn’t tend to look good.

Dated 24 August 2012

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