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Alcohol inhalation has doctors worried

AEDT- February 17, 2004

Inhaling alcohol through a vaporiser is the latest craze to hit the club and bar scene in the United Kingdom.

It is called AWOL, or Alcohol Without Liquid, and those who sell it say it can get you drunk 10 times faster than drinking alcohol, but claim it leaves no hangover.

But it has not been medically tested, and doctors like Michael Smith are worried that it may cause more brain damage than drinking alcohol.

"It could be a danger in that you're getting a bigger dose than you would normally quickly," Dr Smith said.

"Therefore people that are not used to it are going to suddenly do very strange things, if not pass out.

"We don't know that at that strength and at that power it's not going to knock out brain cells faster than alcohol does over the years."