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Hi Namita,

Izzie Merey, Expert and Connoisseur of Classic cars I love your website because it is packed with vital tips and news to encourage women across the world in their journey to living a healthy life. Congratulations on being recognized as a worldwide one stop shop for all things good and healthy :)


Tatiana Borodulina, European Champions Short-Track Speed Skating. It is awesome website with huge amount of information. Every women will find some tips to be fit and healthy! Stay healthy, stay positive and always love yourself !!!..


Cindy Landolt, Fitness Trainer from Switzerland Womenfitness.net is a great resource for understanding the diet and training that is required to live a happy and healthy life...


Sally Fitzgibbons, Australian Surfer. Women Fitness website is such a positive place to visit there is a great balance of articles, stories and useful information. It is definitely in my bookmarks for a regular visit.


We feel privileged to inform, that Womenfitness.net has been selected & featured in the Forbes Top 100 websites for women in the world.- WF Team

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