The Strength Training online e-Book provides all the information you should fully understand before starting on a strength training program. First we explain the many benefits of participating in a strength-training program and then provide you with invaluable information ranging from 'must-know' weightlifting terms, to safety precautions that affect previous medical conditions, in order to avoid future injuries and/or physical complications. We also discuss the mindset necessary for becoming successful, including ways of making time for your workout, of staying motivated, of understanding and accepting your body type, and the importance of concentration. In addition, we discuss the best ways to measure your progress and what to expect if you discontinue weightlifting.

Most important of all, WF has laid out the principles and guidelines of a successful strength training program for its members. This section will discuss exactly how to get the best results from the program you choose for your specific goals and interests. Just a few of the principles and guidelines you'll learn include: how to select the exercise for each muscle group and how to calculate the number of sets and repetitions and the amount of weight you should use to reach your personal goals. You'll learn the importance of proper lifting technique and how to achieve it. You'll also learn the importance of blood supply to your muscles and common mistakes that hinder the process. We also devote a section to methods for overcoming plateaus. These ideas are extremely valuable but very rarely taught.

WF has a section devoted to more than 50, Strength Training Exercises, with clear information on the muscle worked, instructions, demonstration and precautions of each individual exercises. It is common for people to get in the habit of doing the same exercise the same way (sets, reps, weight, order, etc) over and over. This causes boredom and disinterest, and eventually improvement comes to a staggering halt. Therefore, it is critical that you continually vary your strength training routine-no two workouts should be the same.
 Women Fitness (WF) Strength Training Program presents many ways of adding variety to your routine so you never become bored and continue to achieve results over the long run. In this section we discuss the many advanced strength-training techniques beneficial for those who have already experienced the beginning and intermediate stages of our program and who have also used the overcoming-plateaus suggestions. These intense techniques give outstanding results when followed properly.

Overall, this content will discuss exactly how to get the best results from the strength-training program you choose for your specific goals and interests. WF offers a personal, practical approach to health fitness for all levels of experience. Our program integrates weight management, nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and flexibility training into individually-tailored plans to help you develop and maintain a body full of energy and free from unnecessary injury and disease. With WF, you'll adopt gradual, realistic changes into your life that will make healthy eating and activity a permanent pleasure. That's the WF way.

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