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The 15 Minute Kettle-Bell Workout to a Taut Butt

Muscles need to be fired up to maintain proper definition, especially on a weight loss programKettlebells or cannon ball workout are superbly effective for three-dimensional movements to target the  buttocks,  as these exercises require a powerful hip thrust. Jennifer Aniston, Penelope Cruz, Kim Cattrall, and Kim Basinger are big fans of  kettle bell workout. According to one research exercisers burned about 20 calories a minute, or 400 in a 20-minute one kettle bell session.

By swinging the bell in different patterns, and then controlling the momentum to change directions, you tap into big powerhouse muscles (like your legs and butt) and smaller stability muscles (like your abs) throughout the workout.

Always warm-up and stretch before a kettle bell workout.

Start with the lightest kettlebell or no weight at all until you’re comfortable with the movement.

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