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5 Best Workout Looks For The Gym

workout looks

We all know how stressful it sometimes can be when we have to decide what should we wear to the gym. Therefore, to sort things out for you, Women Fitness drew in some inspiration from our favourite workout looks and got some easy to pick options for you.

1. Crop Top + Black Leggings

Well it’s the coolest and easiest workout look to get on.

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2. Keep It Bold

If you want to sass it up like the Kardashians.

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3. Go Floral

So if you like to keep it summery and breezy, then these floral workout clothes by Forever 21 are a steal!

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4. White Classic

If you’re a staunch follower of the Hadid sisters, then you must go for something more classic like this all white look.

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5. Sheer Fun

This is the look that we’ve all been waiting for! It’s hot, sexy, super-comfy and rest assured you won’t go missed at your gym.

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To stay motivated and get your spirits high in the next workout, shop for your favourite workout looks!

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