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7 Dressing Up Ideas To Look Great In Third Trimester

Once you have entered the third trimester, you will beat the peak of your mood swings. Sometimes you feel excited about the baby’s arrival, and sometimes you will have anxieties about birth. All the emotions you will have during this phase are inevitable. Apart from the emotional rollercoaster, you will also face the wardrobe challenges, because, during the third trimester, your growing bump can make getting dressed tricky.

Your primary goal is to stay comfortable, and you can do it in style. The strategies below will keep you looking and feeling amazing until D-Day.

You can look at photos of The Duchess of Cambridge, how she had managed to look fantastic throughout her pregnancy. Yes, she had plenty of people to give her style advice whenever she needed it, but you can also find some inspiration in this piece of writing.

Madiha Jamal, content executive at pennysaviour, has some tips for dressing your bump during the third trimester.

1. Choose the clothing made of natural fibers

Comfort can be your priority at this phase of pregnancy. No-one wants to be clad in top-to-toe polyester currently. Natural, light fabrics like cotton or linens can be your best bet and let your skin to breathe. If you are a working woman, you can pick up some cool cotton shirts in light-reflecting white for a smart and elegant look.

2. Glam up in waisted maxi dresses

Maxi dress always gives you a charismatic look even in the pregnancy. At this time, go for an ankle-length flowing knit dress, you feel comfy and stylish at the same time. They are perfect for the third trimester, and the variant colors will look adorable on you with your pregnancy glow. Just wear it on, and you’re good to go!

3. A big necklace can balance out your big belly

At this stage make big necklaces as your statement jewelry. Pick up some elegant necklaces and pair them with your tops or tankinis. You will feel like your big necklaces are balancing out your big belly.

4. Bump-hugging tank dresses

Tank dresses can be comfy for your bump. They provide support, comfort, and style. Wear them in the summer, or layer a cardigan over them in winters. It’s non-maternity clothing but it will make you feel amazing.

5. Try out some roomy tunics

During winters, wear some roomy sweaters, tops, and tunics, it will make you feel freaky adorable. You can pair them with maternity leggings, jeans or shorts during the third trimester.

Happy Times are coming, so stay calm and flaunt your baby bump-love at this phase, because this is going to be your lifetime experience.

Susanna Williams, consultant for Passion Lilie, an ethical clothing line designed in New Orleans says that when you’re in your third trimester, one of the most important pieces of clothing you can have is something that is comfortable and easy to wear. However, just because you’re looking for comfortable clothing doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style and fashion. Here are a few of our favorite clothing items to keep you comfortable and feeling beautiful:

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