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Top 5 Creative Ways to Announce You’re Pregnant !

announce pregnancy

Phone calls seem an old way of announcing your pregnancy to your husband and parents. Here we have 5 creative ways of announcing your pregnancy and to make the special moment a memorable one.

Call it A Pre-Baby Shower:

Soak your self in the shower in the night and write on the foggy mirror “I am pregnant.” Let it be there till your husband takes a shower the next morning, the message will stay there and surprise him.

You are Going to be a Grandparent”: 

Invite your parents for dinner and surprise them by telling them you are pregnant. Pick a dessert, as an ice cream cake and surprise your parents with “I am Pregnant” written on it. It will be hard to keep quiet all through dinner.

“A Wake-up Call”:

As shared by a woman after trying to get pregnant for a few months she lost hope and had no desire to face another pregnancy test. One morning she got up early (5 a.m.) and decided to take the test, this was the last time. When she saw the positive result. She rushed downstairs and put the test in a Ziploc bag and put it on her husband’s pillow. When he literally laid his head down on it. It was amazing to watch him look at the test and come the realization of what it meant on his own.

Wear a T-shirt that says “Mommy-to-Be” or dress an older child in a “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” shirt, then get noticed:

The message on T-shirt could vary according to the order of the baby to arrive like for the second issue the message could be ” Only Child Expiring December 2016″.


Say Goodbye Tampons by Gifting them to your Sister or Friend:

To announce your pregnancy to your little sister give her a box of tampons. Let her think you are stupid for an instance. Just inform her that you won’t be needing these for the next 9 months she could use them!” Let her be caught off guard!

Let your creativity soar.

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