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Backcombing: For That Teased Option

Backcombing, which has been used since the beginning of big hairstyle is designed to create a base for big hair, or full styled updos. It is also used to great big dreadlocks.

Backcombing can be defined as combing the strands a direction that is opposite to the hair’s natural growth pattern. Back combing also called teasing simply means creating a tangled base of hair on which to support a style. It’s great if what you are after is either height or volume to build up those big hair looks.

On the up side, backcombing creates instant fullness and height to thin strands. It is also will create a fabulous base (as shown to the side) for a more elaborate updo.

How to do it:

Note: Use smaller strands for tighter results or larger strands for looser results.

Points to keep in mind:

Remove Backcombing:

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