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Adding “Balance” Back to life


In this article I discuss balance on many different levels: in terms of literal balance, as in not falling down, as a balance of muscular structure between a strong side and a weak side of the body. “Balance.” however, has a much deeper meaning in terms of its pertinence to your mental state and in your everyday life.

Your job?
A figurative definition of balance, refers to a big-picture notion of our lives as a whole. A balance has to be struck between what you normally do for yourself accompanied with the additional tasks of being a wife, mother and going on a job. You are constantly faced with the need to balance your energy between those you love and things you love to do. By adjusting your priorities at work and determining what it is that’s important, you can better balance the conflicts that exist between the need for security with work and the need to satisfy the family

Food, a basic need for existence:
Balance can be more general. We need a balanced diet. Having established that your body needs a well balanced diet, with a good supply of carbohydrates, especially high-fiber foods, water, vitamins and minerals, and a certain amount of protein, fat and bacteria, you need to know how to put it into practice. Click here, to learn more about healthy diet suggestions. Your best approach is one that suits your temperament and lifestyle .When you prepare meals yourself , you can control exactly what goes into them , which makes it much easier to cut back on saturated fat and add more fruit, vegetables and whole grains to the menu.

Become more beautiful:
We need to balance our attentions between our own interests and what may be good for those around us. Make no mistake: When we achieve physical balance (internal & external), we do achieve a sense of beauty. Nature likes nothing more than symmetry, and when we attain physical symmetry we become more beautiful in the eyes of the beholder. But balance in one’s life is infinitely more beautiful. Balance brings with it a natural harmony, both within ourselves and in the world around us.

Managing the TIME factor:
When we think about balance in our lives, our primary concern is almost always, time. Most women never take time for themselves. They do and do and do for everyone else in the world but when it comes for them to do something for themselves, they are either too tired or they have simply run out of time. But you have to take out some time for yourself every day! Take a productive hour to improve yourself. If you think that this is negative in any way, turn it around a little. If you commit yourself to exercise (walking, pilates or yoga) and it makes your feel great, you are much more capable of making those around you feel great. You will be much more effective at everything you do. Having this balance in your life, gives it quality. You will find the room and, more important, the time to do everything that you enjoy. When you perform this routine, you enjoy the benefits of self-confidence, pride in yourself which helps you to be much more productive with your time. organize your life such that, your work allows us to bring in the money and your hobbies allow us to be happily creative

Balance helps you to conquer your limitations:
When you can physically conquer the limitations of your body, everything in life gets easier. You become more comfortable inside your own skin. You enjoy being yourself just a little bit more. You accept your limitations at this moment and look forward to improving. Quality of balanced movement incorporates being in control, being aware of everything going on inside your body, and being keenly aware of where you are. Your quality of life will be improved by the quality of your movement while performing exercises. You will enhance the quality of your movement as you concentrate on how each movement flows into the next movement. The transitions has to be very smooth. If you happen to feel a bit awkward, it’s okay. Don’t be overly critical of your work. Don’t worry about doing something wrong. Just move through the routine. If you make little mistakes, you make little mistakes. If you become too uncomfortable, simply modify the routine so you that you can continue with the movement.

Achieving fulfillment:

Instead of viewing the various components of life as separate pieces, view them as being the aspects that make up your “one and only life.” Since these individual elements interact in one way or another, why not let them? Instead of allowing one to interfere with the other, learn how to allow them to enhance the direction of your life. You must balance your life such that the various elements in your life focus on your fulfillment, to help you eventually reach a level where you can pursue your personal desires. To maintain our physical and mental skills, we need to consistently work on them, or we will lose the balance of body, mind and soul.
The best way to improve your balance is to balance! Practice doing simple chores like washing dishes, cooking or brushing your teeth while standing on one foot. You will be amazed how quickly you will see improvement in your ability to balance for longer periods of time. Progress to standing on one foot while lifting the opposite leg to the front, side and back without touching the floor with the foot. You will feel stronger and more in control, because you will be!


To begin to have a fulfilling life, your general priorities should be

1. to satisfy your basic needs of food, water, and air,
2. to satisfy your needs of security and safety,
3. to satisfy your need for love and to be needed,
4. to satisfy your own self-esteem needs and
5. to reach a point where you can begin to examine and experience your own personal dreams and desires.

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