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Ballet Bar Workout To Leaner Thighs

Exercises are designed to elongate, or lengthen, your muscles and improve muscle tone. In order to build leaner thighs you need to attack your legs  from three directions: front (quadriceps), rear (hamstrings) and outer (gluteus minimus).

Ballet exercises, require you to possess basic input about the five foot positions, as all exercises begin with one of these five positions. First position calls for the heels to be touching and the toes pointed outward, with the feet forming a 180-degree (or almost 180-degree) line. In second position, the feet are pointing in the same direction as first, but the heels are about shoulder-width apart. In third position, both feet are turned out as in first and second positions, but one foot is placed in front of the other, with the heel of one foot resting in the arch of the other foot. Fourth position has the feet in the same stance as third, but the feet are about a foot apart instead of touching. Fifth position calls for the heel of one foot to be touching the toes of the other foot, with the legs pulled tightly together. 

Using ballet exercises in your workout routine can help you improve strengthflexibility andmuscle tone without making yourself looking bulky.

Note: Ballet targets smaller muscles that you don’t often use—instead of working your quads it works the inside and the back of your leg.

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