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5 Beauty Benefits You Can Get From Working Out

Whether you’re a regular gym junkie, a Zumba zealot or a marathon maven, you probably already know just how important regular exercise is for maintaining your overall health. However, you may not be aware that working out has benefits way beyond just shrinking your waistline and improving your mood. Believe it or not, keeping fit is also a great, way to improve your complexion, give you luscious locks and put an extra spring in your step.

So, next time you’re battling to get up off the couch for a workout, keep in mind these five amazing beauty benefits you can get from exercising:

1) Sweating opens up the pores

If you experience adult acne or stress induced breakouts, working up a sweat may be just the thing to improve your skin. The process of sweating essentially encourages the pores to open up, leaving them perfectly primed for a deep, thorough cleanse. Cleansing with dilated pores makes it much easier to extract dirt, oils and other impurities that cause acne.

A recent study undertaken by a German university found that sweat may also play a role in fighting off foreign substances, as perspiration contains a natural antibiotic, Dermcidin, which can kill E.coli and Staphylococcus bacteria on the skin. Bottom line: Opt for exercise instead of solely relying on OTC acne treatments. (And really, does Proactive really work? Some reviews are skeptical.)

2) Exercise improves your self-confidence

Self-perception and confidence is a huge part of achieving a gorgeous appearance. It doesn’t matter how many men look your way or how envious your friends are of your skin if you can’t see it yourself. Exercise is linked to increased dopamine (the feel-good hormone) production and improved self-confidence, which both lead to a healthier, happier you. There are few things sexier than a woman who knows her self-worth.

3) Working out Decreases Stress and Anxiety Levels

Roughly 40 million Americans over 18 experience anxiety. Getting up and moving causes your body to produce more dopamine, a hormone which can quickly improve your overall mood and leave you feeling calmer. A relaxed face shows less fine lines than a tense visage. Additionally, by decreasing your stress levels, you can lower your cortisol production (excess cortisol can wreak havoc on hormones, leading to nasty breakouts).

4) Exercise helps you get your beauty sleep

A good night sleep is vital to keeping your skin looking radiant. Overnight, our skin goes into maintenance mode, rapidly creating new skin cells and repairing the damage done by the day’s pollutants. Just a few nights of poor quality slumber can leave your skin looking dull.

No matter how tired you are, it can sometimes be difficult to wind down for sleep after a long day’s work. Fortunately, numerous studies have shown that an invigorating workout can help you sleep more restfully and wake up less frequently during the night, giving your skin the time it needs to repair itself.

5) Increased Circulation Helps your Hair

A heedful of luscious locks is a sure sign that you take pride in your appearance. However, age and stress can cause even the thickest mane to become brittle and prone to breakage. Regular exercise can combat this process by improving the blood flow to your scalp. Increased blood flow means that nutrients will be delivered more effectively to the follicles, keeping them strong and healthy.

By incorporating as little as thirty minutes of exercise a day into your routine (whether you fancy a spin class or a yoga session), you can reap the rewards of these five beauty benefits. Even better, you’ll be keeping the rest of your body in tip-top shape too!

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