Hair Style: Dragged Side Braids

Curly hair can be controlled, yet still allowed to flow free, by braiding at the sides and allowing the hair at the back to fall in a mass of curls.

  • Part your hair in the center and divide off a large section at the side, combing it as a flat as possible to the head

  • Divide the section into three equal strands and hold them apart.


  • Begin to make a dragged braid by pulling the strands of hair towards your face and then braiding in the normal way, that is, taking the right strand over the center strand, the left strand over the center, and the right over the center again.

  • Continue the braiding to the end with the covered band. tuck the braid behind your ear and grip it in place, then make a second braid on the other side.

Styling Checklist

  • Time:5 minutes

  • Ease/Difficulty: Easy

  • Hair type: Long and naturally curl or permed

You will need

  • Styling comb

  • Covered bands

  • Hair Grips

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