Beauty Tips to Camouflage the Flab

Beauty tips to camouflage the flabThere is no denying of the fact that all of us have problem areas in our body.  Nobody is born perfect! 

 Problem areas in women range from thighs and buttocks to belly and arms. Exercising in the gym and dieting will help eliminate these problem areas over time. Meanwhile, there are ways you can instantly get a flat tummy, lean legs, tight buttocks and toned arms.

You may be tempted to try to cover up those unwanted pounds with extra fabric, but this will only create the impression that there's more than what is there.   

Check out these tips for instant solutions, especially if you are rushing into an occasion

  • Flabby arms: Wearing quarter length sleeves (elbow length) works really well with heavy arms. Let it be loose fit around the elbow to give arms a lean look Avoid wearing tube or tank tops as they leave all your arms visible. In case you want to wear them match them up with transparent shrugs or overskirt. Full sleeves tops can be worn but avoid tight fitting.  Well tailored sleeves are important especially when you have flabby arms. Slightly padded shoulders will help create balance at the shoulder for full arms.


  • Bulging Waist: wearing large tops will make your look even bigger. To slim down your waist, you should wear fitted clothing. Jackets and tops with banded waist are a good option. Choose dark colored tops with vertical lines or patterns. Black, purple, brown and navy blue all have slimming effects. Balance your look with medium to large accessories such as bags and watches. A body suit can eliminate bulge. It also gets rid of unsightly panty lines and fabric pulling. If you really must, wear belts in a low slung manner or gently held around the waist.

  • Flabby Lower Body: Thigh and butt are a predominant area of concern among teenage girls and women who undergo dieting and rapid weight loss.  Avoid wearing pants below the gut. Does not go well with women's clothing if you are plump. Keeping  your skin  moisturized and tan, will make it appear thinner.  A self tan is also good to cover up cellulite. High heels give the illusion of longer and leaner legs. Heels with pointy toes also go a long way in extending the line of the leg. Also, try sporting a pair of heels the color of your legs. If you're not wearing nylons, try nude colored heels. If you're going with black nylons, try black heels. Matching your shoe color to your legs will make your lower half appear even longer. Wear similar coloured clothing on your top and bottom to create a streamlined appearance. Avoid pairing dark pants with a bright top because this divides your body in half and make you look chunky and short.

  • Beauty tips to camouflage the flabUnder-garment bulge:  A bra that's too tight will create bulges that show right through your top. Panties that are too small will cause your hips, butt and thighs to look larger. There are plenty of lingerie stores that offer complimentary bra and undergarment fittings. Take advantage of this and make sure you're buying undergarments that are properly sized for you. Body-slimming apparel such as those from Spanx are available in many different varieties, ranging from camis and mid-thigh shapers to bodysuits and slips. These smooth out your flabby areas so you can wear body-hugging outfits without having to worry about your bumps and lumps being visible.

  • If you have a chubby neck, choose v-neck lines. They create the illusion of a longer, leaner body.

  • Hair & Make-up: Your hair and makeup can go a long way in helping you create the appearance of a slimmer you. Avoid heavy makeup, as it can weigh down your face. Opt for light makeup and highlight your cheekbones and take the focus away from areas with a little extra. Use bright or neutral tones on eyes, cheeks and lips to illuminate the face.  Moving your hair away from your face will place more emphasis on your bone structure. If you want to wear your hair down, try waves or curls. Stick straight hair will put more focus on any extra weight in your cheeks or neck.

Avoid horizontal stripes when you want to look slimmer and thinner. Another important thing is that never have too much of pattern on your clothes or mix patterns, ever. Have a single pattern on the dress and keep the rest in solid and plain colors.

Try to observe these rules in the clothes you wear. There's no better way to get the benefit of these principles than to study them and master them and experiment in your own wardrobe.

Don't rely much on these tips for exercise and low fat diet is the only way to get rid of the ugly flab for a lifetime.




Dated 02 October 2014


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