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Body Sculpting During Pregnancy

Body Sculpting During Pregnancy

Remaining active during pregnancy offers several benefits to the mother and baby. The key to reaping such benefits is to adjust your exercise program in order to make it safe for you and your baby during this period. Keep in mind that the goal of exercising during pregnancy is to maintain your present level of fitness, not to improve it.

Benefits of Training during Pregnancy

Some of the benefits that exercise offers to expecting mothers are:

The amount of exercise that mothers-to-be will be able to tolerate during these nine months is directly related to how active they were before becoming pregnant. If a woman has never exercised before in her life, pregnancy is not the time to start a full-blown weight training and intense aerobics program. Starting a weight-training program is very traumatic on the body. A more sensible approach for someone who has never exercised before is to start a mild daily 20 to 30 minute aerobics program consisting of walking at a normal pace. Why walking? Because walking is one of the most natural and safest forms of exercise. During pregnancy, it is crucial to choose exercises that do not result in a loss of balance, since a fall could prove fatal for both the mother and the baby. Therefore, aerobic, activities such as aerobic dance, bench step classes, kickboxing aerobics, and roller blading are all out of the question.

There are certain precautions you will need to incorporate in your walking program in order to make it safe. Remember that the goal during this period is to maintain, not to improve, so your workout intensity should be mild to moderate. In other words, you should walk at a normal pace and should not attempt to push yourself.

Health Factors to Keep in mind

Pushing yourself can create undue stress upon your body and will increase your chances of reaching two conditions that should be avoided at all times during pregnancy. They are:

If you have been active prior to your pregnancy, then you may continue your activities as long as they are not activities that could result in a loss of balance and as long as you remember to lower your intensity levels to prevent an increased body temperature and heart rate. Again, we  emphasize that the goal during this period is maintenance and not improvement. Therefore, don’t push yourself.

Training Program Modifications during Pregnancy

Women who are involved in weight training should follow a program with the following modifications:

During pregnancy, it is better being locked in a two-dimensional (machines) universe rather than three (free weights)  since it makes the exercises safer and eliminates the possibility of losing balance. Also by using machines, secondary stabilizer muscles, such as abdominal and pelvic muscles, are not activated. This is good at this time because we don’t want to create stress during pregnancy. Machines also greatly decrease a chance of joint injuries.During pregnancy, a loosening of the joints occurs. This loosening allows ligaments and tendons to stretch in preparation for delivery. Because of this, there is a higher risk of incurring a soft tissue injury if free weights are used. If you choose to continue using free weights during this period, remember to pay close attention to your exercise form and to choose your exercises carefully.

Taking all of these points into consideration, you can begin on weight training program during pregnancy.

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