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Get Ready To Spice Up Your Boring Workout


Boredom will kill any workout routine. Who really wants to work out on the same machines doing the same reps every day? It gets to be so very boring, that you lose all motivation to work out in the first place. This is an indication that your body is craving for new and adventurous ways to workout.

Vary your fitness routine

By varying your workout routine you will be able to break the monotony and at the same time gain the advantage of working out different muscles. This way you won’t end up with a super big butt and great abs. You will be well toned all over. By varying your exercise routine you will be crashing through the fitness barriers that arise every so often. You will be jumping over hurdles of fitness plateaus. When you have been working out for so long you suddenly stop losing weight. Even though you know you need to lose more weight, your body is not responding. That’s why you need to vary your workout routine. Your body is craving new and adventurous ways to work off that weight. Your muscles are all muscled out; they can’t gain anything by doing the same exercises anymore. That’s why you have to try something new.

Check out suggestions to spice up your training routine:

Get a bag: This one is my favorite. Bring a punching bag and installed it in a room . Once a week, beat the crap out of this thing until you can’t raise my arms. This can be great for a cardio workout, your arms, and even your legs (you know, if you stick and move..).

Toss the medicine ball: The medicine ball has been used as an athletic training aid for decades in Europe, but only in recent years has the value of medicine ball training been recognised in the United States. Grab a medicine ball and lie on your back in a comfy spot near the TV. When you un-Tivo (playback) your favorite show, toss the medicine ball in the air and catch it each time something common happens.

Row away the calories: If you have a lake near by,rowing back and forth even in the smallest of lakes of a crazy workout. You will feel burn in your arms. If you’re lucky, you’ll give up on the shore as opposed to sitting in the middle of the lake where there is no wake to push you in. Rowing in the water beats the elliptical.

Workout in twosomes or groups: working out in twosomes or groups is instant motivation. If you “don’t wanna”, your peer or group will force you to go. The key is agreeing in the beginning that if force is needed, force will occur. I’d bet that you are not the only one in the group to come up with a lame excuse one morning!

Pole dancing: Here is an opportunity to embrace your inner sensuality, tone your muscles and gain a level of flexibility you thought was impossible. Contrary to the images you may have conjured up, pole dancing classes are attended by women in sweat pants who have little in common beyond, well, the fact that they are friendly women. This is a workout, most don’t view it as anything but fun. At least not until they feel the muscle soreness the next day. The beginner class is taught from a basic level and each week builds on the lessons from the week before. At the end of the six- week class, the women have gained strength, confidence and camaraderie.

Do a cardio circuit: Instead of slaving away for hours on the same machine, try breaking it up into 10-minute intervals. Go from the treadmill to the elliptical, and then to the bike. Not only will your workout seem shorter since you won’t be performing the same movement continuously, but it will also help to prevent overtraining and work a wide variety of muscles.

Go play in the park: Remember when all you needed was a jump rope and a jungle gym and life was good? Sure some folks might look at you funny and you will definitely need to bend your knees more, but there is always some semi-deserted playground around, so go have some fun!

Dance your way to fitness: Dancing, experts say, burns calories, boosts energy, improves circulation and tones muscle–which leads to increased strength, endurance and flexibility. In fact, dancing can burn just as many calories as other, more “traditional” exercises, like brisk walking or downhill skiing. In addition, dancing relieves tension and stress, improves your mood and serves as an outlet for your creativity. Rumba helps to build strength and enhances flexibility. Jive is good for cardio activity. So one should practice everything, mix everything and take benefits from all types of dance.

If you actually DO workout consistently and eat right all the time, you’ll keep getting in better shape and that can actually be fun and exciting in it’s own way.

But if you are waiting for thrills and excitement every time you go to the gym or exercise,… I think it will be a long wait.

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