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Boxing: Why It Is The Best Workout Ever!

Boxing for fitness isn’t just a trend these days. It’s been on the rise and I’m so glad it’s here to stay. Now everyone can enjoy the metabolic training effects, in addition to the mindset shifts, from learning the science and art that is boxing.

Take it from me! I’ve only been a student for 3 years but I’m more than hooked. I wish I had found it in my younger years as I can understand why those who take the discipline seriously train to fight in the ring.

Regardless of your age, your gender, and your current fitness state, everyone can experience the benefits from learning how to box, even if it’s just for a workout.

Boxing teaches discipline, speed & agility, body awareness, coordination, mental toughness…but we are here to chat metabolism.


Boxing is a workout that literally involves the entire body. It is not stop, fast, intense, & powerful. Therefore it is a significant calorie-burning workout. People can burn up to 1000 calories per a typical boxing session. 


Because it is high intensity, it is good at burning visceral fat especially around the waist. You’ll notice when boxing that the core is consistently being worked – the turning of the torso that happens naturally with punching.


Boxing requires coordination – it’ll never feel stale or monotonous. Not only is it constant movement but the punching combinations and footwork will feel fresh and new every single time; it will challenge you every single time. 


It literally works every single muscle from the movement of the feet, the constant semi-squat position, the deeper squats that happen from defensive moves, the twisting and crunching of the core during movement, to the arm workout through punching (shadow boxing, mitt work, bag work & sparring).


If you are looking to be a better boxer, the all-rounded boxing workouts always consist of shadow boxing, hitting, jumping rope, running, & strength & conditioning work. Want to train like a fighter? Then do it all!

IF you’re on the fence, give boxing a try. You’ll burn and feel empowered!

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