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U.K.’s Favorite Non-Invasive Brazilian Booty Lift Empowers Women In Time for Summer


Much like fashion trends are in large dictated by pop culture, “body” trends tend to follow a similar pattern. From the popularity of bodacious curves to a shift towards 90s-model-thin frames, and from Baywatch-inspired breasts to Kardashian-Esque derrieres, “the look” du jour is forever evolving. While body-positive campaigns aim for inclusivity and self-love—which is a noble pursuit—there is also nothing wrong with changing something based on your own tastes and preferences in a healthy way, especially when it’s non-invasive. With Brazilian bikinis popping up on golden beaches and Instagram feeds alike, the current trend is clear: the booty is here to stay. 

Although there are countless workouts that promise a plump booty, there is not exactly a “one-size-fits-all” approach to building muscle, and when it comes to body fat disposition it’s mostly dictated by genetics—in other words, two people can do the same workout or diet routine and achieve completely different results. There is however an incredible solution that is non-invasive, pain-free, and besides empowering women to choose what they want to enhance on their body, it simultaneously empowers the female entrepreneur. Brazilian Booty Lift, led by CEO and Founder Chantelle Thompson, has helped launch hundreds of BBL businesses, which bring in around £10K a month while requiring far less maintenance and time-commitment than traditional office jobs or startups. 

Thompson is not only passionate about the ingenuity of the product but is driven by a desire to help self-starters build the life of their dreams. Brazilian Booty Lift provides entrepreneurs with the tools they need to launch and succeed in their very own BBL business venture. With demand for the treatment on the rise, there’s no better time to take the entepreirial jump. Thompson’s business does however take into account the daunting part of venturing out into an unknown market, which is why it offers clients detailed business plans, a 12-month revenue forecast, budget services, as well as training on how to effectively use the devices. Through online and group training, Brazilian Booty Lift gives its clients all the support they need, setting them up for success from the start. Operating on the highest standards of training and education, the company is committed to empowering aspiring female entrepreneurs to create the life of their wildest dreams.

Through Brazilian Booty Lift Thompson is intent on inspiring and assisting the next generation of founders, dreamers, and doers—those who choose to set their own path, by their own rules. As a leader in the non-surgical industry, Brazilian Booty Lift has helped users boost confidence while assisting their clients in achieving success in the six to seven-figure range. To learn more about Brazilian Booty Lift and the opportunities it offers, visit its website or follow along on Instagram

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