Breast Augmentation: the only way to increase chest size

Breast Augmentation: the only way to increase chest sizeFor most people, one of the main goals of consistent exercise, aside from internal bodily health, is keeping weight off, or losing weight in the first place. This can be a bit of a tricky concept, however, as it is virtually impossible to dictate through natural means which parts of your body show the loss in weight. For example, you may want to shed some visible weight in your belly, but find that exercising seems to take more weight out of your legs, etc. Particularly for women, this can be a bit of a problem for many. Specifically, many women who
are attempting to lose weight quickly find that some of the weight they are losing is coming from their breasts – this results in an overall slimmer frame, but may lose a bit of the “curvature” that a woman might be shooting for. To help deal with this problem, many women actually end up turning to breast enlargement surgery.

The bottom line, as mentioned above, is that you cannot simply dictate which parts of your body lose weight. Exercising a specific area will grow that area’s muscle, but you are not specifically attacking the fat in that area at the same time. For example, many people who are overweight start doing sit-ups with the goal of removing belly fat – however, they are not accurately accomplishing their goal. While sit-ups do strengthen the “six pack” of muscles in the abdomen, they do not cut weight from this same area – the muscles are merely strengthening beneath the fat. This means that if, for example, a woman wants to lose weight in her stomach or thighs, she may do lots of running and abdominal exercises, but still see weight being shed in her breasts. Yet you still don’t want to stop exercising, as the ultimate goal is weight loss, after all – breast enlargement surgeries can allow you the opportunity to maintain your weight loss, but also keep the sense of balance and curvature that you want in your body.     

 Causes of loss of breast size can include the following:  

  • Lower levels of estrogen--this mechanism is most noted after menopause. Some women will see a change if they were on birth control pills (more estrogen) then stopped using the Pill.

  • Increasing levels of male hormones--this could arise if a testosterone secreting tumor was present. Yet such a tumor usually comes with many other symptoms such as male hair growth pattern, increased clitoral size, etc.

  • Excessive  Dieting: can cause reduction in breast size as fat loss cannot be predetermined from any body part. Breast tissue is mostly made of fat cells, change in diet can affect size of breast.

  • History of pregnancies and breast-feeding: has a considerable influence on breast size and appearance.


Breast Augmentation: the only way to increase chest sizeWhy women opt for Breast Augmentation?

Aesthetic or cosmetic reasons for breast enlargement include:

  • Feeling that the breasts are simply too small or out of proportion

  • Loss of breast volume after pregnancy

  • Difference in size between the two breasts

  • Breast size that has reduced after losing weight


Breast surgery may also be offered to women having surgery for breast cancer or other rare conditions affecting the size and shape of the breasts.  

The great thing about this, for women who would consider it, is that breast implants do not have to be large or extremely noticeable. After all, significant weight loss combined with a significant increase in breast size is extremely obvious, and may even look noticeably artificial. However, the combination of effective exercise and tasteful, balanced implants can result in giving you the exact look you are going for – athletic, curvy, and in-shape, with a physical form and breasts that you can be proud of. 

Deciding on the Size of breast implants


The implant should not be too small or too large in comparison to the patient's chest wall dimensions. The goal is to augment the breasts to a size that is in better proportion to the physique and to maintain a very natural look. There are many factors effect the such as your original cup, your expected cup and your physique including the chest muscle.

  • If you have board chest, especially the position of your nipple is far apart, the selected size of implants should be rather big with low to moderate profile (wide base dimension) to get a closer nice cleavage.

  • If you have some degree of breast sagging, the selected size should be quite big with moderate to high profile, providing upper breast fullness and also improving the nipple position.

  • If you have little breast tissue and/or very thin skin, the proper size should be chosen carefully (for example: not more than 280cc.). Too big implant may cause abnormal thinness of skin (translucency) or visible and/or palpable wrinkling (rippling) in an implant.

Note: The choice of breast augmentation is very personal, needs to carefully thought over. Consult a plastic surgeon who will be in a better position to guide you.


- WF Team

Dated 16 November 2011

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