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Burning Extra 100 Calories


The upward trend in the number of overweight women is caused, on average, by an imbalance of only 100 extra calories per day. Eliminating this 100-calorie imbalance by eating a bit less and getting a bit more physical activity each day may hold the line on weight gain for many women. This can be accomplished in an almost unlimited number of ways.  

Anything that gets your body moving counts as exercise. You may exercise every day without knowing it — any activity with vigorous physical movement qualifies. Trick yourself into exercising more simply by increasing your low-impact activities throughout the day.

Below are ways to  burn about added 100 calories a day to healthy weight.

One good way to estimate the amount of swimming calories burned in an hour is to use this formula, depending on your body weight (in pounds) and activity level:
  • Light swim: 1.5 x body weight
  • Moderate swim: 3 x body weight
  • Vigorous swim: 5 x body weight

Your body needs calories to do everything it does; breathing, organ function, everything. It needs more calories the more active you are. This is why exercise is key to weight loss; while consuming fewer calories will help you balance your energy intake with your energy consumed, exercise will help your body burn more calories than it takes in—this is what causes you to burn fat and lose weight.

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