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All-time Fabulous Butt Building Exercises

Muscles appear to droop as you get older because you begin to lose muscle around the age of 30. This decline in muscle ratio leads to appearance of flabby muscles and loose butt and thighs, not a pleasant sight for any women.  Well, who wouldn’t like the appearance of a toned fabulous butt.

The constant pressure of sitting or driving for long period of time over the years can make your butt muscles shrink, which leaves nothing to hold up surrounding fatty tissues. Poor lifting habits, such as bending forward at the waist, also reduce butt muscle activity. Butt-lifting exercises can help reduce low back pain by providing more postural stabilization.

Acquiring that sought after shape and strength, requires resistance training. Look at all the Hollywood actresses that have hired personal trainers to push them through rigorous weight training sessions to acquire the butt and abs that produce that knockout physique.

Improving your posture will be a good start at walking those muscles up, while the following exercises will strength them, thus lifting and firming the buttocks.

Tips for Safety Squatting
  • Keep the weight over the ankles
  • Keep the heels on the floor throughout the movement
  • Keep the knees in line with the toes
  • Do not go lower than 90 degrees
  • Keep the knees behind the toes
  • Keep the shoulders back
  • Do not arch the lower back
  • Keep the head and neck in a neutral position

NOTE: Do the following lower body exercises three to four times per week, in addition to consistent cardio and a healthy diet, surely you will see results in just a few weeks.

Incorporating dumbbell and barbell leg exercises is an effective way to lift your butt and tighten the back of your thighs.

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