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Calve Muscle Workout

Many women find it difficult to develop the calve muscles. This is primarily because daily walking has toughened these muscles.

There are two primary muscle groups on the back of the lower legs – the gastrocnemius and the soleus muscles. The soleus is a wide, flat muscle that lies beneath the heart shaped gastrocnemius. Both muscles contract to extend the feet and toes, but the soleus can only fully contract when your leg is bent to at least a 30-degree angle.

There are several other smaller muscles in your lower legs, all of which will be developed by focusing on working the calves. Try the following calf-blasting routines in order to develop your stubborn calves.

To begin with, first warm up your calves with only some calf-raises on the stairs or something for 2 x 20 reps with only your bodyweight. For each calve workout do 4 sets for each exercise listed below. One workout do high reps (i.e. 15+ per set) the next workout do low reps (i.e. 5-10 per set).

 Standing Calve Raise

Keep your knees straight during the entire movement. Slowly lower your heels until your calve muscles stretch down as far as possible.

Standing Calve Raise(Db)


Seated Calve Raise

If you do not have access to a seated calve raise machine you can do this exercise seated on the end of a bench with a barbell wrapped in a thick towel placed on top you’re your knees.

You can carry out both parts of the workout on the same day, but I highly recommend that they be carried out on two separate days, and at least 48 hours apart. The workout routine can be combined with an upper body muscle workout like biceps or triceps. Just remember to eat your protein and rest sufficiently.

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