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Best Careers for Fitness Fanatics

In the 21st century, there are now stronger links between our hobbies and our careers, with many women choosing to seek a career in the subject that they are passionate about.

If you are interested in fitness, there are luckily many different career options which can help to keep yourself and others as healthy as possible and through which you can share the joy that you find in an active lifestyle.

Nursing and Healthcare

Nursing and healthcare are some of the most fulfilling career options that you can choose as you will be able to help people in need. Healthcare careers are perfect for fitness fanatics as you will be aiding people’s attempts to get well and live as healthily as possible. Not only this, but there are a wide variety of specialisms within healthcare and nursing careers.

These include physical therapy, occupational therapy and massage therapy, which all have their foundations in fitness and allow you to work with others that are interested in using fitness to improve their quality of life. In order to build up the basic knowledge that you need to get if you want to start your nursing career, you should consider taking nurse practitioner online programs which can eventually help you to become a leader in your field.

Personal Trainers

If you want to participate in sport and fitness every single day of the year, becoming a personal trainer is one of the best options that is available to you. Not only will becoming a personal trainer allow you to inspire a love of fitness in those who are reluctant to participate in exercise, but you will also be helping  people to reach their fitness and weight loss goals.

This can make becoming a personal trainer a rewarding experience. Personal trainers are often self-employed and have flexible schedules, allowing you to work around other commitments, such as your family or even another job.


One of the elements that many fitness lovers enjoy is being outside and taking in the joys of nature, which can be great for your mental health. If this is the element of fitness that you love the most, you should consider becoming a gardener or even a conservationist for a wildlife or forestry commission.

This will allow you to get outside whatever the weather and to improve your physical fitness while you do your job, with activities such as walking and gardening burning off many more calories than you may expect.


Most fitness fanatics realize the importance of diet toward their health, especially those who use special diets to maintain their fitness such as bodybuilders.

This means that becoming a nutritionist can be a worthwhile career for those who are interested in fitness as it can allow you to share your knowledge about staying healthy while learning about the elements that support your physical fitness and health.

Fitness Fashion Designer or Writer

However, if you would like to start a career that focuses on fitness and yet which does not leave you physically exhausted every evening after work, you should consider becoming a fitness fashion designer or writer. During these types of jobs, you will be given the opportunity to conduct research on fitness, follow the latest trends and develop products that you believe would be beneficial from your own experience of fitness.

You will also be able to share your fitness opinions with a like-minded audience on a regular basis with many fitness writers choosing to publish their work in specialist magazines.

Professors and University Teaching

There is nothing better than teaching others about the subject you love best. Becoming a professor or lecturer in physical education and fitness can help to inspire the next generation of fitness lovers. Not only will you be able to help young students to achieve their dreams and to follow their own exercise-related career path, but this will allow you to host exciting discussions on a daily basis as well as to hear your student’s new and innovative opinions about fitness.

Many universities also give their lecturers the chance to take sabbaticals and research leave where you can focus on your own ideas and projects while still being financially supported.

Health Food Supplier

Whether you love energy foods or protein shakes, health food is becoming increasingly popular for use by athletes and those searching for a healthier way of living. If you find a gap in the market when it comes to health food, why not consider designing your own products and becoming a health food supplier – helping others to support their fitness dreams through their diet?

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