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Healthy Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year

There is no doubt that, Thanksgiving is about so much more than just the food and finding healthy ways to celebrate is a challenge!

Three words that one needs to remember for a healthier, happier Thanksgiving Celebration are: Balance, Gratitude and Compassion, says Leslie Nifoussi, Mental Wellness Influencer and author (In a Blink of an Eye – A Survivor’s Guide to Wellness). 

Lisa Lewtan, who is a healthy lifestyle coach and award-Winning Author / Podcast Host of suggests “Start the day with a workout, turkey trot, or walk in the woods with your loved ones!” 

She too agrees that there is “Nothing better for your health than a big dose of gratitude! Go around in a circle and have each person say “I am grateful to _____ for teaching me____.  If you want to bring it a higher level, have them light a votive candle at the same time!”

Feed Your Body, Feed Your Soul. 

Insist to bring a healthy side dish full of veggies to the get-together and make sure you load up on it during the meal.

Another smart tip is to sit next to the healthiest guest you can find. We are deeply influenced by what we see!

Celebrate Thanksgiving


Try to bring a balance into your Thanksgiving Day by getting in some exercise in the morning before the festivities begin so that you can enjoy the rest of the day relaxing (and eating with your family). Balance out that glass of wine with a glass of water. Balance out your plate by have equal portions of plant-based and meat-based dishes. 


“I like to get specific and super detailed when it comes to gratitude on any given day. It’s nice to think about and appreciate even the tiniest detail of your day, like the way the canned cranberry sauce slices so perfectly or the perfect orange of the sweet potatoes as they bake in the oven.” Says Leelie.  We only see most of this food once a year so it’s nice to give it a little extra gratitude.


Let’s be honest, even with our best intentions for ‘perfect’ holiday it may all go down the tubes. If it does, the best, healthiest thing that we can do for ourselves is offer up some self-compassion.  Be nice to you, you deserve a friend like you.

Above all most importantly when you sit down with that ooey-gooey pie with ice cream on top, sit down and SAVOR every bite without feeling one ounce of shame, guilt, or judgment. Really taste it, enjoy it, and feel the pleasure.

Happy Thanksgiving.

We are grateful to:

Healthy Lifestyle Coach / Award-Winning Author / Podcast Host,

Author (In a Blink of an Eye – A Survivor’s Guide to Wellness) and Mental Wellness Influencer. TV Host, Print Model, Commercial Actor

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