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Celebrating Health in 2004

In most parts of the world, non-communicable diseases have become a major epidemic. This is due, in part, to a rapid transition in lifestyles leading to reduced physical activity, changing diets and increased tobacco use.

WHO estimates that lack of activity leads to more than 2 million deaths per year. It is likely that one-third of cancers can be prevented by maintaining a healthy diet, normal weight and physical activity throughout one's life. A combination of improper diet, lack of physical activity and tobacco use are estimated to be the cause of up to 80% of premature coronary heart disease.

Physical activity supplemented with healthy food can be a practical means to achieve numerous health gains, both directly or indirectly. Check out ways to enjoy living actively and eating well in the year 2004.


  • Be active your way, every day

  • Move for the sheer joy and power of it, for time spent with family, friends, nature

  • Celebrate activity as a natural part of your life; fitness feels good

  • Be creative — enjoy movement throughout the day

  • Enjoy the benefits — increase your energy, relieve stress, sleep better, strengthen bones, improve health and resistance to illness

  • Help your body regulate — when you’re active it’s easier to know when you’re hungry and when you’re full

  • Fitness not weight is the key to longevity

  • Add years to your life, and life to your years. Take time to care for yourself

  • Share the benefits with family and friends. Have more fun!


  • Take pleasure in eating. Think of food as a friend — celebrate, enjoy, taste, savor

  • Emphasize regular meals and include the foods you like

  • Listen to your body — go to the table hungry, eat till you’re full

  • Enjoy a balance of the 5 food groups: grains, fruits, vegetables, meat and alternates, milk (see the Food Guide Pyramid)

  • Meet your body’s energy and nutrient needs

  • Learn to like new foods — enjoy variety

  • All foods can fit — there are no bad foods

  • Trust your body to make up for “mistakes”

  • Enjoy family meals and home cooking


  • Celebrate and enjoy your unique self

  • Identify your strengths, talents, interests and build on your assets

  • Nurture yourself. Take time for yourself every day

  • Relax and relieve stress in your life

  • Trust yourself

  • Make peace with your genetic blueprint

  • Like yourself regardless of imperfections

  • Wear clothes that fit comfortably and look and feel good now

  • Accept that there is no ideal body size

  • Recognize that each person is responsible for taking care of his ~
    or her own body

  • Trust your ability to make choices for better health

  • To improve habits, if you choose, make small changes over time you can live with

  • Take what works for you, leave the rest

  • Stay in tune with your body

  • Be flexible, go with the flow

  • Focus on quality of life, health and well-being

  • Beauty, health and strength come in all sizes


  • Accept, respect and celebrate diversity in size, shape, age, ethnicity, talent and ability

  • People of all sizes have healthy lifestyles and unlimited horizons

  • Size prejudice hurts everyone

  • Think critically of media messages that portray unrealistic standards and suggest happiness is based on appearance

  • Help people feel good about their bodies and about who they are

  • Emphasize the positives in thought and action — you’ll help others when you listen, accept, respect, heal, empower, encourage, motivate, inspire, counsel, guide, validate, appreciate, laugh, share, have fun together.

“I can if I choose”

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