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How Can I Reduce My Chances of a Cesarean Birth?

Cesarean birth can be life-saving for the baby and/or the mother, but doctors are concerned cesarean deliveries are overused. In the past, a lot of cesareans were scheduled by doctors who needed to go on vacation so it was convenient for them. Nowadays, complications may be a cause of cesareans, such as a breech.

Today, approximately 60% of all cesarean births are for a woman’s first delivery. If you have a medical issue that could complicate labor or delivery, such as maternal high blood pressure or the baby is in a breech position (buttocks or feet first), your doctor will opt for a C-section. In emergency situations when the baby or mother is in distress delivery will be via an “emergency” C-section.

How Can I Reduce My Chances of a Cesarean Birth?

ACOG‘s Safe Prevention of the Primary Cesarean Delivery recommends reducing cesarean deliveries by:

Don’t panic if your delivery ends in a C-section anyway. Sometimes surgery really is the best method to protect you and your baby from complications.

Being educated on what happens during birth, what requires a C-section, and what doesn’t can reduce the chances of getting one? Studies prove that when people giving birth are educated or ask questions about the care they’re receiving, C-section rates are lower.

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