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The Best Physical Challenges To Take Up While In Recovery

Addiction treatment can be an incredibly difficult period in one’s life, and can often be considered one of the great challenges anyone can go through. For many, getting to the other side and a period of recovery can be a period of reflection and inspiration, and as the body starts to feel fitter and healthier for it, many of us look to do something with our lives in regard to physical challenges.

Becky Fronheiser, Director of Programming at The River Source, an Arizona treatment center said, “We often encourage our patients to exercise as it can help in the prevention of cravings and the combatting of stress, which can be detrimental to the recovery process.

“Often the addictive traits within a person can then latch on to their physical activity and become obsessed with completing physical challenges such as marathons and long hikes. It gives them another bug, essentially.”

It’s completely transformed lives, giving people a zest for life, new ambitions, and goals that they are keen to complete, almost like a stamp of approval that life is back on track.

But what are the best physical challenges to take up when in recovery?


C25K is a concept that is popular right across the world and is perfect for the beginner who simply wants to get active and take it from there. It’s a challenge to get to 5 kilometers of running without stopping, and the C25K app is really useful for gradually building your stamina through a variety of walking and running tasks.

You’ll reach that 5-kilometer mark before you know it, and then it’s on to the even more demanding challenges…

Run a marathon

5k can quickly turn into 10k and then your next step is the half marathon mark. But why leave it there? Why not go all the way and train for a marathon? The USA has a wealth of iconic marathons that you can run, from New York to Boston, while every other major town and city will also have one, so whether you want to run your local one, or head a bit further afield, there’s something for everyone.

It, of course, isn’t easy training and then running a marathon, but it’s a challenge that can be truly life-changing and life-affirming, as well as being just the motivation you need to stay off alcohol and drugs.

A long hike

Not just in the USA, but right across the world there are some breathtaking, once-in-a-lifetime hikes to be completed, from Mount Kilimanjaro to Macchu Picchu. Starting off doing walks in your neighborhood and state can be a good point to begin, but there are some incredible hikes around the world to enjoy, with plenty of group tours and guides available to sign up to and help you along the way.

They’ll be memories that last a lifetime, and a real positive to come out of what had been a very dark place for you.

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