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Chi Kung: Art Of Developing Vital Energy

Chi kung

Chi Kung: art of developing vital energy

Chi Kung (pronounced ‘chee goong’) is a form of moving meditation and a way of harnessing and releasing the body’s own vital energy, or chi. It can have an extraordinarily beneficial effect on both physical and mental health and it is one of the most energizing forms of exercise.

There are many chi kung exercises. Some of them are for specific aliments, but the ones described below increase strength and energy, or chi. Given all of this, it is clearly a profound technique and one that cannot be covered in any depth in such a small amount of space.

There are many wonderful benefits derived from practising chi kung, and they may be generalized into the following five categories:
  1. Curing illness and promoting health.
  2. Enhancing vitality and developing internal force.
  3. Promoting youthfulness and longevity.
  4. Expanding the mind and the intellect.
  5. Spiritual cultivation.

Best way to learn

CAUTION: Do not do these exercises if you are pregnant.

Starting position

Lifting the Sky

Embrace the tree

Low knee bend

Pushing mountains

Plucking stars

According to Chinese medical thought, practicing chi kung can cure as well as prevent all kinds of illness, including diseases like asthma, diabetes, hypertension and cancer which are generally considered “incurable” by conventional medicine. Practicing chi kung is also very effective for overcoming psychological problems.

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