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Chokeberries: The New Power Food?

Want to boost your health?  Choke down a serving of chokeberries! reported by

The bright red and deep purple berries have been used by Native Americans for centuries. But now, the chokeberry can be found in the form of dietary supplements in local pharmacies and health food stores.

The Varieties

Chokeberries come in two varieties, the black and the red berries to be more precise. While the red berries are the sweeter options amongst the two varieties, the black variety is seen to be a bit bitter. These fruits are coated with a thick pigment, and are generally harvested in a large number.

Once these fruits are harvested, they are generally refrigerated for storage. However, these fruits can only be stored for 10 days at the max if you want to enjoy the health benefits they hold for you.

Health benefits of choke berries

Some serving tips:Chokeerries are great addition to ice cream tops, and fruit salads. They are also used in juice, cakes, muffins, baby foods and pies.Choke berry syrup has been used in variety of recipes.

Once these berries are picked, they need proper washing and processing. These berries are then dried and refrigerated for further use. While these can be obtained from the market as well, the refrigerated berries should be consumed within a week to get the best effects out of them.

These berries can be readily juiced, eaten with ice creams, used for baking muffins, and a number of other delicious uses. If you are a fruit lover and at the same time a health conscious person, these chokeberries can be something for you to try out!

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