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Choosing A Beauty Salon

Choosing a beauty salon

The beauty salon is not only a place where women go to have their hair and nails done, but is also a center for community news, confessions and general “hen parties.” Choosing a beauty salon is a process most women (and even men!) will undergo some time or the other in their life. Now-a-days in order to attract customers, beauty salons  invest a lot into advertisement, exterior and interior design. However don’t let a catchy advertisement or stylish couches in the waiting room influence your choice of beauty salon.

Some of the criteria one should take into account when deciding on a salon include:

Before you make an appointment at a beauty salon make a tour. This way you will have a chance to look at the premises, get to know the personnel better and get a feeling about the facilities. Ask as many questions as you need to make sure you will get a high quality treatment.

The first place to start in choosing a salon is to evaluate what needs to be done. A woman just wanting her hair trimmed may go to a different salon than one who wants a permanent, coloring, or other more extensive services. If she needs her hair cut quickly and that day, she might be better off going to a walk-in salon, rather than trying to get her regular stylist to work her in on short notice. For other services, a woman may want to think about a full-service, by-appointment-only salon. This means that she will have a stylist who is expecting her, knows what she wants done, and is not under pressure to squeeze in more clients.


Women should choose a beauty salon based on their ethnic background. This may sound strange, but different ethnic groups have different hair and skin needs. A salon that has a primarily African-American clientele, for instance, will be much better versed in working with the unique needs of Black hair. A white stylist may not be as familiar with these needs. Similarly, various cultures have various perception and various accepted “rules” about skin-care procedures. For example, in Western cultures it is commonly accepted that afacial mask should not touch the areas of eyes or lips either when applied or when taken away. But this is not necessarily a rule in some other countries. Salons also may carry different products, depending on the ethnicity of their clients. A full-service salon in a large city will probably have a multi-racial clientele, but smaller shops in smaller cities may not.

Another, factor which you might like to consider is location. How close the salon is to your home, whether they have a clean and up to date store front appearance, and whether the stylists and employees are friendly and considerate.

Price of the service is another thing you will have to consider depending upon your budget. Of course, you’ll want to ask about the price of services and take note of whether the service is done efficiently and with courtesy.

If you’re new to trying out a beauty salon, inquire about their familiarity with a certain look or type of technique that you’re interested in trying out. Also, it helps if you can find someone who gets to know you and the styles you might look best in – that way you can come back to them on a regular basis for continual hair and beauty care.

Finding a beauty salon that works for you may take a bit of interviewing and effort. Through the suggestions provided above you’ll be able to narrow your focus to those that would best suit your needs.

Remember, you are about to entrust your health and beauty into the hands of a beauty salon esthetician. You have every right to request information about the education, training and experience the personnel at a beauty salon have.

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